Adrien Rux’s ‘FEED YOUR MIND’ Mixtape

Adrien Rux
Adrien Rux

With his latest offering, the ‘FEED YOUR MIND‘ mixtape, Adrien Rux invites us to embark on a mind-bending expedition into the pulsating heart of electronic music.

‘FEED YOUR MIND’ is more than just a mixtape; it’s an immersive experience that defies conventional genre boundaries. From the very first beat, it becomes evident that Rux is a sonic explorer, unafraid to traverse the uncharted depths of electronic music. Each track in the mixtape weaves a captivating narrative, transforming the mind into an ever-expanding canvas where imagination knows no bounds.

What sets this mixtape apart is the accompanying live performance video. Shot in a gritty warehouse basement at Espacio Jorge Juan, Madrid, it captures Adrien Rux in his element, armed with a drum pad and a live mixer. The video not only allows us to hear his music but also witness the raw energy and creativity that go into his live performances.

One of the most mesmerizing elements of the video is the incredible light effects that sync with the tempo of the music. The lights pulsate and dance in harmony with the beats, creating a visual spectacle that complements the auditory journey perfectly. It’s a testament to Rux’s dedication to delivering a multisensory experience, elevating his performance to a whole new level.