Desthen presents ‘The New Path’ on Deep Tales

The release includes Erly Tepshi's remix as well

Desthen‘s “The New Path” is a great example of how well they can create magical soundscapes. Out on Deep Tales.

The music on “The New Path” takes the viewer into a world of ethereal soundscapes and haunting melodies. This shows how good Desthen is at making things. It has a lot of complex layers and emotional rhythms that make it sound like deep, reflective electronic music. Each part is carefully made into the whole. All of them weave a tapestry of sound that rises and falls, taking the listener on a trip of self-discovery and inner exploration.

“The New Path” is even darker and driven in Erly Tepshi‘s remix, as if the original track wasn’t interesting enough. In Tepshi’s version, the haunting tune is mixed with heavy, hypnotic beats. All of the sounds work together to make an interesting difference that can be felt in the deepest parts of melodic techno. This new version gives it a sense of urgency and power.

Both versions are out now via Deep Tales.