Marcovits drops ‘Weft / Warp EP’ including MR.MNT Remix

Marcovits Weft EP ICONYC

Israeli Marcovits, whose work has appeared in prestigious publications such as Traum, Natura Viva, Uzons, and Cinematique, to name a few, makes his ICONYC debut with his latest EP, ‘Weft,’ to bring us a slice of wonderful summer vibes. Download on Beatport here.

The EP begins with the title track, ‘Weft,’ which carries a melancholic mood as we meander effortlessly through club-inspired melodies, while the sultry chords sit beautifully on top, adding an extra layer of depth. As various elements drift in and out of earshot, Marcovits’ trademark beat manipulation is evident. Perfect for getting you in the mood for a big night out with a beat-loving club crowd.

After the original mix, we have MR.MNT on remix duty. The ethereal theme of ‘Weft‘ is kept alive by the Belgian producer, who is known for his polished sound, as the pulsating bass powers along, before the drum fills and general warmth all combine to do the talking. His transcendent touch-up increases the energy levels while also increasing the melancholy with stripped back and lucid elements before the luscious pads change the vibe and create a blanket of warmth that wraps around the effected groove.

To round off this fantastic collection, Marcovits delivers the astute ‘Warp,’ which features infectious chords, intense drums, and a smooth breakdown. It’s all about the groove, cool melodic vibes, and driving beats that surround Marcovit’s beautifully arranged keys, which create an irresistible rhythm while clever chords take the mind on a journey.

Marcovits proves that there are no limits with ‘Weft,’ as this beautiful melodic gem leads you to a full-on club-laden, melodic hug of a release that will leave you smiling!