Marcovits Entropy EP
Marcovits Entropy EP

Marcovits presents deep melodic techno ‘Entropy EP’

Emotional and intimate sounds flow through all the 4-track for a unique experience

Witch each of the 4 tracks premiered on the most important Soundcloud network, Marcovits debut on Uzons Records with an astonishingly deep and melodic techno EP, Entropy.

Emotional and intimate sounds flow through all the 4-track for a unique experience; suspended between reality and the unknown, the first track, Fabric opens up the EP with its clean and slow beats. The soft plucked melody unfolds into a hypnotic baseline driven by mesmerizing arpeggios. Releasing all the tensions gathered into the intro, Fabric perfectly clears the path for the second tune in Entropy EP.

Moving faster thanks to soothing rolling ryhtyhm, the tune still features monumental melodic lines that remind ancient populations now forgotten. The bubbling arpeggio at the end collides with the nostalgic theme delivering a profound feeling of hope. With a more elevated sound, Boiling Point is probably our favorite tune of the EP.

As the EP includes 4 tracks, we have now reached the B-side with two remixes by Matt Dwellers and Nasca. Kicking off with the Fabric remix, Dwellers injects some serious tech and housy vibes into the tune moving away from the melodic techno soul we have listened to on the original version. On a different note Nasca with Boiling Point; he keeps the mysterious melodic theme but adding a wide and deep baseline giving the tune a fresher take.

All four tracks are now available via Uzon Records. Check them below.

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