Rising Star Rosbeh Finds Light Through His “Music”

Rosbeh's Cosmic Single is a Beacon of Hope and Self-Trust


Just weeks before his highly-anticipated debut album drops, Iranian-German producer Rosbeh has released a shimmering new single that encapsulates the ups and downs of his musical journey so far.

Titled “Music Taught Me Life,” the nearly 5-minute track is a lush, cosmic dreamscape propelled by a rolling bassline and glistening synth melodies. But the story behind the making of the song cuts deep.

“This song was made when I felt at my lowest,” Rosbeh reveals. “I was struggling financially which led me into questioning my whole music career.”

Finding solace at the piano, as he has since his classically-trained childhood, the Ibiza-based artist poured his doubts and uncertainties into the creative process.

“After a few hours I created ‘Music Taught Me Life,'” he says. “I realized no matter where I will be in my career or my musical success, what matters is the art I’m creating and how it makes me feel.”

The artist: Rosbeh

That sobering yet hopeful realization is the driving message behind the new single and Rosbeh’s approach to his craft. With a sound that seamlessly blends electronic and organic elements, classic and contemporary styles, and influences from his Persian heritage, he has amassed over 30 million streams through independent releases like his 2017 EP “Journey In My Head.”

But this burgeoning success, as well as an award for his expert piano playing, has been hard-earned. Rosbeh is self-taught in music production and until recently handled all his own promotion and marketing, gradually building a dedicated fanbase on the merit of his artistry alone.

The album will debut on the Good Company label

Now signed to the Good Company label, Rosbeh’s debut album is due June 14th, with “Music Taught Me Life” acting as the transcendent third single. Reflecting on the sunkissed sonic landscapes, he hopes it “spreads a message about trusting yourself, following your happiness, and seeing life’s challenges as opportunities for growth.

It’s delicate words of wisdom from an artist who has endured his own trials to create his life’s work. If “Music Taught Me Life” is any indication, that album will be well worth a listen.