Zulhou Bridges Musical Realms with “Echo” and “Anything New”

Zulhou cover art of Echo
Zulhou cover art of Echo

Zulhou, a German duo consisting of Oliver and Michael, cultivates a distinctive blend of progressive house and melodic techno. Their sound, characterized by dreamy synths and hypnotic beats, offers listeners a journey through nostalgic landscapes, making them an act to watch in 2024.

From the rhythmic melodic techno drop of Echo to RÜFÜS DU SOL-inspired sound in Anything New

All the way from Germany, there is a pair bridging gaps between progressive house and melodic techno: Zulhou. Oliver and Michael’s music together makes up Zulhou. They produce journeys into the mysterious worlds of melodies and sounds.

Zulhou released “Echo” at the start of 2024. It’s a dreamy, nostalgic song that goes beyond the usual. From the start, the music surrounds the listener with angelic sounds that seem to float through the air without any effort. While the hypnotic drums work their magic, the voices blend together perfectly. It leads us through a maze of feelings and thoughts. Then, just when you think you’re at the peak of your musical happiness, Zulhou drops you into a rhythmic techno drop. This is a sound crescendo where the synth is in charge. They push the main theme forward while delicate plucked harmonies dance in the background.

But Zulhou’s journey through sound doesn’t end there. The pair’s newest single, “Anything New,” came out yesterday. “Anything New” still has the dreamy and mysterious synth that makes their style unique. It also has a darker and more nostalgic tone. It has a haunting tune that stays in your mind long after the song is over. Inspired by progressive house and trance music, Zulhou creates a world that sounds like RÜFÜS DU SOL but is also their own. “Anything New” has deep basslines and complex rhythms that make you feel like you’re in a world where sound is both a trip and a destination.

What makes Zulhou unique is that they write, sing, and produce all of their own music. Every note and word in their songs makes us want to dig deep into our own minds.

There’s no doubt that Zulhou is one of the acts to keep an eye on as 2024 goes on.