Elderbrook, Jordan Rossi and Darkwah talk about ‘Broken Mirror’ music video

The affecting video was directed by Jordan Rossi and stars multidisciplinary artist Darkwah. The track is taken from Elderbrook’s newly released Innerlight EP

Frame of Elderbook Broken Mirror music vide
Frame of Elderbook Broken Mirror music vide

Elderbrook (he/him) has released the official video for the focus track from his new EP Innerlight, ‘Broken Mirror.’

This narrative, directed by Jordan Rossi (he/him) in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist and creator Darkwah (they/them), highlights the issues that Queer people face while moving through the world but that aren’t often acknowledged or spoken about.

Following a day in the life of a Queer performer (played by Darkwah), the audience witnesses the aggressions and micro-aggressions that impact personal safety and mental health through a variety of scenes ranging from the local community to their place of work and what should be considered a safe space,’ with unflinching realism. Jordan has previously collaborated with Little Mix, The Vamps, Years & Years, Griff, Becky Hill, and MNEK. He is a fearless, rule-breaking creative who is lauded for his work that often centers around the LGBTQ+ community.

With Queer culture moving into the mainstream you’d think this would be a great time for Queer liberation but actually it’s far from it. More than ever before we’re put into a box and forced to try and make our Queerness palatable for so many audiences.

As a LGBTQ+ working director and photographer, I’m still excluded from so many conversations and projects which is why it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to craft this narrative and film. A big expression of gratitude goes to Elderbrook, his team and the record label who have let us tell this story freely and authentically whilst supporting us at every step of the process – Jordan

As soon as I saw the treatment, I knew I wanted to be a part of this project. It’s all of the things I’ve experienced many times over. It’s so important that aggressions and microaggressions are spoken about outside of the LGBTQIA+ community. We know these things. We experience them – sometimes at the hands of those in our community but more so by those outside of it.

Having these occurrences shown at this level in conjunction with an artist like Elderbrook, I hope will not only generate more conversation but result in change for the better as people check the ways in which they interact with performers, queer performers and queer people.

I’m incredibly grateful to have been part of this project. I’m super excited for the change it will start to incite. – Darkwah

The video for ‘Broken Mirror‘ was released on the same day as Elderbrook’s Innerlight EP, a four-track release that includes Louis The Child’s ‘Dominoes,’ Bob Moses’ ‘Innerlight,’ Emmit Fenn’s ‘Find My Way To You,’ and Kölsch’s focus single ‘Broken Mirror.’ Elderbrook, who is known for using his music and videos to start conversations (his Why Do We Shake I The Cold? album and video for “Something About You” focused heavily on mental health), was excited to apply this to the “Broken Mirror” video because of its personal lyricism and meaning.

‘Broken Mirror’ is about wanting to change yourself. Not knowing what version of you is the right one. Wanting to be all different kinds of people all at the same time and a journey of discovery.’

I loved the treatment and felt it was important to use my platform as a stage to tell this amazing story from Jordan. I really loved how intimately Jordan connected with the meaning of the song and how he really made it his own. Though his experiences are different to mine it shows that the message of this song transcends the experiences of various different stories, in different ways. – Elderbrook

The support from Elderbrook and Parlophone is the start of a series of LGBTQIA+ community-building activities. These include everything from Instagram live sessions with Elderbrook sharing his platform with Jordan and Darkwah to curated Spotify playlists that highlight emerging Queer musicians to an eventual event at a leading LGBTQIA+ venue with proceeds going to Mermaids, a charity chosen by Jordan and Darkwah.

Elderbrook - Broken Mirror (Official Music Video)