Verknipt takes over the Croatian with 5-day hard techno festival

Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival
Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival

Verknipt, the famous Dutch hard techno event organizer, has announced its newest event: the Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival.

This comes after the announcement of the world’s biggest hard techno event ever in the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam on July 20th, which sold out all 40.000 tickets in just 24 hours.

Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival runs for five days from June 30 to July 4 in Zrce Beach, Croatia. The event will be a mix of a rave and a beach vacation, with the best parts of both.

The Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival is sure to be an unforgettable event that people who go will never forget!

In line with our Verknipt events going international in 2023 we are thrilled to bring our unique brand of hard techno to the shores of Croatia in 2024. We believe in creating unique Verknipt experiences that literally transcend boundaries, and Zrec Beach provides the perfect canvas for our vision of creating and organizing Europe’s first hard techno dedicated holiday’ – Reza Fathi Saffar, Verknipt Founder

Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival in short

The Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival, running from June 30 to July 4 at Zrce Beach, Croatia, is an international extension of Verknipt’s renowned hard techno events. Combining beach vacation vibes with hard techno beats, the festival offers unique experiences like boat parties, pool events, and a spectacular afterparty on July 4th. Tickets go on sale starting January 24th.

The Festival

The mind-blowing laser show, the best hard techno acts, and other things that make Verknipt famous are all coming to Croatia with them. But wait, there’s more! The organizers are also adding some special events to make the experience even more unique.

Every day, ravers will be able to choose from a number of boat parties, club events, pool parties, and on the last night, a famous afterparty to end the week on a high note.

It won’t be out until January, but we already know what the festival’s big attractions will be.

Some highlights are:

  • Beginning Night: Verknipt presents the beginning night, which includes two club nights that will set the tone for this amazing week.
  • Pool Parties: Dive into Verknipt’s pool parties, which have the craziest crowds and the best hard techno DJs.
  • Boat Raves: Go on a boat ride with Verknipt to be surrounded by the sound of the waves and the hottest beats.
  • Club Events: The partying goes on after the sun goes down. There will be club nights every night until the early hours.
  • Afterparty: Verknipt is throwing the afterparty on July 4th to end the event in style. One more club night to make the last few hours of the holiday party as famous as the whole thing.

People who come to Verknipt Croatia will be able to have their own fair experiences. They’ll be able to choose which events they want to attend and where they want to stay. The organizer has a wide range of luxury villas with private pools, hotel rooms, and beach houses. The Verknipt family can find a vacation plan that fits everyone!

Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival Location

Set along Zrce Beach, Croatia is a place where a beach vacation meets wild, nonstop raves. This well-known coastal city has sunny skies, clear water, and a crazy nightlife. All of this, along with some Verknipt craziness, makes the perfect setting for this new holiday event!

For five days, people can listen to the best hard techno acts on Zrce Beach, at the pools, or at one of the daily boat parties.


Pre-sale starts on January 24th at 12:00.

The regular sale starts on January 25th at 12:00.

What’s Verknipt

Since more than ten years ago, Verknipt has been known for its crazy dance events.

Verknipt focuses on (hard) techno, industrial techno, and other hard dance rave music.

They hold many events a year in different places, booking both well-known artists and up-and-coming artists.

Along with a crazy light and laser show and other weird images, they have everything that people need to go crazy. They have made the Verknipt group much bigger

There are now more than 155,000 visitors a year, and that number will grow to about 250,000 by 2024.

Since its start in 2012, Verknipt has become the most important group in the national and foreign hard techno scene.

Verknipt is making its mark on several continents

Events are happening or are expected to happen in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and more will be announced this year.

Trailer: Verknipt Croatia | Holiday Festival | 30 June - 4 July