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Black Coffee

Black Coffee’s Been Hospitalized But Health Status Is Good

Black Coffee faced a severe travel accident on his way to Mar del Plata, resulting in injuries. While the specifics remain unclear, the Grammy-winning DJ is optimistic and recovering well, surrounded by a supportive team and family. His next gig at Tulum‘s Day Zero Festival is uncertain due to his injuries.

South African dance music star Black Coffee has faced a serious accident and is currently hospitalized. The incident happened on his way to Argentina for a show at MUTE in Mar del Plata. The DJ and producer was hurt in the accident and was taken to the hospital.

Black Coffee was on his way to Mar del Plata for his show on January 7th. His social media team updated fans that he was in a serious flight accident. The details of the accident are still not clear. Unexpected problems arose after the accident, causing injuries that needed medical help right away.

It’s not clear if Black Coffee was on board of the flight but, a Boeing 737-800 had an incident at the same airport while landing, the same day. The Flybondi Boeing 737-800, which was taking more people from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, also had trouble landing. The plane marked as LV-KJE, hit the ground hard on the runway in Mar del Plata. This caused a tail strike and a lot of damage. Luckily for everyone, all the passengers and crew got off the ship safely The event led to an investigation by Argentina’s JST to find out what happened.

Reports say that the DJ is getting better and is getting the best medical care possible. His health status is improving and he is recovering well. He is also surrounded by a family and team. The specifics of his injuries have not been made public

Unfortunately, Black Coffee‘s injuries make it less likely that he will be able to appear as the main act at Tulum’s Day Zero Festival on January 12.

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