The Beatport Group Announces New President and CRO

The Beatport Group Announces New President Matt Gralen and new CRO Helen Sartory
The Beatport Group Announces New President Matt Gralen and new CRO Helen Sartory

The Beatport Group announces today that Matt Gralen is now President and Helen Sartory is now Chief Revenue Officer (CFO). Both will still report to CEO Robb McDaniels.

In his new role, Mr. Gralen will work with Mr. McDaniels on group-wide strategy while still being Chief Financial Officer.

Ms. Sartory, on the other hand, will be in charge of all of the company’s revenue units. This will include Beatport, Beatsource, Plugin Boutique, Loopcloud, LabelRadar, and Beatport Amp.

The Beatport CEO Mr. McDaniels has been in charge since 2017 and has brought the business to its biggest expansion ever

Mr. McDaniels became CEO of Beatport in 2017 and has led the company’s growth. Since then, the company’s annual income has more than tripled.

This growth is due to Beatport’s core products for DJs becoming more popular and the company’s products becoming more diverse and growing.

Now, Beatport has products for artists, labels, and fans as well. Since 2019, the Beatport Group has released or bought eleven new businesses. Beatport even launched a film series.

Matt and Helen have proven themselves as trusted leaders through building out our product portfolio, supporting our diverse team and culture, and delivering profitable growth. We believe that, just as streaming revolutionized the music industry in the previous decade, a significant shift to more engaged and interactive experiences is coming. DJs are the originators of this movement and all types of creators and fans are joining. I am pleased to have Matt and Helen take on expanded roles as we continue to invest in this future. – Robb McDaniels

Matt Gralen and his role as the new president of the Beatport Group

Before becoming the Chief Financial Officer at Beatport, Matt Gralen was the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at UnitedMasters, a platform for independent artists to sell their music.

Gralen was VP of Strategy and Operations at Mass Appeal, an entertainment company that focuses on hip-hop culture before he joined UnitedMasters. Gralen’s first jobs were at Raine Group and Goldman Sachs.

There he worked as an investor and advisor for fast-growing media, tech, and consumer businesses.

As President, Gralen will continue to do his job as Chief Financial Officer. He will also be in charge of the company’s strategic planning, new projects, and overall execution.

Our team at Beatport cares deeply about the future of music for creators and fans, and we believe that strong businesses can help drive positive change. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity ahead and the team I work alongside. We all look forward to delivering for Beatport’s global community. – Matt Gralen, President of The Beatport Group

Already part of several high-profile music boards, Helen Sartory is now the new Chief Revenue Officer (CFO) for The Beatport Group

Helen Sartory has been with Beatport for 18 months and was most recently SVP of Creator Services. She merged the DJ and Producer brands into one section.

Before joining Beatport, Sartory was in charge of growing The Rattle in the U.S. The company’s focus is working on making solo artists and music technology startups grow.

Before becoming Head of Emerging Technologies at Lazard, Sartory worked as an investment banker at Greenhill & Co. She is also involved in the music business in a bigger way.

She is on the boards of and advises the Association for Electronic Music, Music Technology UK, the International Music Summit, and Feedforward.

Sartory’s new job as CRO will include leading the next part of The Beatport Group’s growth strategy. The company will continue to add new products, services, and markets to its business. The Beatport Group will also continue to integrate and invest more in the different products it has bought or launched in the past few years.

The last year and a half at Beatport has been incredibly rewarding. We’ve built innovative tools and technology for artists, producers and labels, and have increased incremental revenue opportunities along the way. I am looking forward to working with the entire Beatport team in this expanded role to continue to transform our business. – Sartory

The Beatport Group announces Matt Gralen as President and Helen Sartory as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Gralen, also CFO, will focus on strategic planning, while Sartory, with a track record in music business growth, oversees revenue units. The changes signal continued expansion and innovation for the influential music platform.

The announcement comes after a time of strong growth for The Beatport Group. The platform is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In 2023, the company made more money than ever before, and its already large profit margins grew even more. It also hired more people around the world. In 2023 Beatport launched and Beatport Studio.

Beatport’s Group office is in London, where Sartory and Gralen work for Beatport.