Arkaene drops melodic-techno gem ‘Nighteyes’ on Natura Viva

Natura Viva presents 20-tracker compilation ‘Incontaminati’ including a vast variety of melodic house and techno tunes

Belgium-based DJ and producer duo Arkaene debuts on Natura Viva with Nighteyes as part of the 20-track compilation Incontaminati.

Sonic siblings on a quest to explore new boundaries of the soul through the shades and colors of deep, melodic house and techno – this is how the two describe himself and you can clearly tell from their past releases. Blending together deep, progressive, and techno elements, Arkaene have showcased their incredible skills in the music production field.

With Nighteyes they’ve brought their products to the next level with a perfect sonic mix between dreamy vibes and dark elements. Kicking off with a clean and rolling rhythm that evolves unwrapping conventional melodies and adding hypnotic bassline, the track follows the melodic-techno path at its best. The narcotic and monumental breakdown flows through an enchanted world, hanged between reality and unknown preparing the listeners for the final journey through the second drop. Mesmerizing soundscapes and lush rhythms envelop the second and final part of Arkaene Nighteyes for a last moment of euphoria.


Nighteyes is part of the bigger 20-track compilation Incontaminati by the Italian label Natura Viva. Exploring the deeper and most hidden side of electronic music, Incontaminati offers a wide rainbow of sound elements, from the lightest tech-house tracks to the hardest techno productions. Available worldwide, you can check the full compilation here for the download or below.