Inox Traxx
Inox Traxx

Inox Traxx releases new “In My Darkness” EP

The heavy-techno hitting three-track EP is out on Charlotte De Witte's sub label RPM

Berlin’s Inox Traxx is back with an exciting new EP In My Darkness. Very catchy hard techno so, Charlotte De Witte‘s well-known RPM label is the perfect fit for it. She shows off how her sound is always changing over three captivating songs.

The EP starts with the EP-named tune “In My Darkness.” A strong rhythmic base is made up of pounding kicks and flying snares. The mood is tense and dark, with hauntingly melodic synth lines. We feel the track’s powerful energy is a metaphor for facing your inner monsters head-on.

For “Close,” Inox Traxx cuts things down to a hypnotic level. A steady groove is hit with sharp hits and stuttering drums. A ghostly voice calls out from the dark, making you want something bad. Techno simplicity at its best—simple but expertly put together.

The EP ends with the scary-sounding title track “Titles.” A thrilling sound path is set by razor-sharp hats and a tweaked interstellar theme. As the screaming builds, there’s a powerful sense of relief. It’s a stunning ending that celebrates deep emotional growth.

With this new release, Inox Traxx solidifies her position as one of the most avant-garde voices in techno. Each song is a carefully honed exploration of a range of complicated emotions seen through her own unique visceral lens. In our opinion, the EP is without question her most interesting work to date. It makes us want to hear more of her experimental music.