Axel Haube
Axel Haube

Axel Haube’s Dark and Hypnotic New ‘Virgo’ EP

German techno producer Axel Haube has released a new EP called Virgo, including Dreamers, the second song, and a remix from VNTM.

The EP kicks off with the title track “Virgo” and it sets the vibe immediately with these creepy, ominous synth lines layered over tribal-like beats. The harmonies have this haunting, trance-inducing quality to them too. It’s mysterious and suspenseful from the first few bars.

That ominous, heavy groove continues into the second song “Dreamers.” While it’s maybe a touch more melodic than the opener, with some cool arpy synths swirling around, the core of the track is still built on these deep, foreboding vibrations. Haube uses some ghostly vocal samples too that add to the overall sense of dread and intrigue.

Then for the finale, Haube teams up with VNTM for a totally stomping techno remix of “Virgo.” They really lean into the dark, hypnotic aspects of the original, with these winding synth lines that almost seem to burrow into your brain. The kicks are absolutely punishing too. It’s a seriously hard, unrelenting remix primed to wreck the darkest dance floors.

Virgo feels like Haube took listeners on this compelling, cinematic descent into murkier sonic realms. From the cryptic opening title track to the subterranean deepness of “Dreamers” to the sheer force of the VNTM remix, he creates these richly layered, atmospheric techno grooves that just envelop you in their hypnotic grasp. It’s an immersive, almost bewitching EP that looks set to be a real techno head-turner. I’m definitely going to be revisiting this one.