Mendo & Danny Serrano drop techy ‘Bella EP’ on Sola Records

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released two weeks ago, ‘Bella EP’ by Mendo & Danny Serrano is one of the releases you can’t miss. Tribal percussive rhythms merged with techy vibes make this two-track EP a must have.

Released by Sola Records, the EP is composed of two records. The opening one takes the name of the EP; ‘Bella’ features a very bouncing percussive rhythm enriched by the wide bassline and an ethnic vocal. The kick used injects great energy thanks to the deep sub that punch you directly. ‘Haven’ is the name of the second track of ‘Bella EP’. It’s way techier than the previous one but it keeps the bouncing groovy vibes. The great rolling percussion rhythm follows the top whiz line. The bubbling sounds of the toms give intensity to the track delivering another great weapon for your DJ-set.

‘Bella EP’ including ‘Heaven’ by Mendo & Danny Serrano is out now on Sola Records.

Talking about the artists, Mendo & Danny Serrano is not a duo. Mendo came from Geneva, Switzerland. He has a great past of quality releases as the ‘Red Card EP’ on elRow music. he came out also on Toolroom as well as on Suara. He owns Clarisse Records, underground music label located in Switzerland.

Danny Serrano is based in Madrid, Spain. He hosts SERRANO’S KITCHEN PODCAST, his own radio show. Danny played at the BPM Festival this summer and his performance was live-streamed via BE-AT TV. He owns his personal record label too; it’s called Serrano’s Kitchen and its latest release came out only a couple of days ago.

‘Bella’ and ‘Haven’ are part of ‘Bella EP’ released under Sola Records, a UK independent label based in Manchester/London. Techno, tech, and acid are the style they’re interested in but, as this EP shows, they take very seriously the groovy scene too. Sola Records is one of that label we suggest you follow because of the high quality of their releases.

Mendo & Danny Serrano ‘Bella’ and ‘Haven’, part of ‘Bella EP’, are out now on Sola Records. You can check here for the download link or below for the direct stream.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]