‘CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP a mix of electronic music in the Tulum, Mexican jungle
‘CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP a mix of electronic music in the Tulum, Mexican jungle

CORE Records presents ‘CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP

A carefully chosen six-track EP featuring fresh new music from innovative Mexican acts such as Sinego, Iǹigo Vontier, Suricata, Thomass Jackson, AAAA, and José Noventa

The ‘CORE VA: Tulum 24‘ EP features new music from innovative Mexican acts like Sinego, Iñigo Vontier, Suricata, Thomass Jackson, AAAA, and José Noventa. Each of the six pieces in this collection is a celebration of genre-mixing music, representing Mexican artists that resonate with the musical universe of CORE. Some of whom have just performed at ‘Tomorrowland presents CORE Tulum‘ too.

Sinego – Historia De Un Amor

Sinego is a Mexican-Colombian artist who is known for combining Latin American customs with new electronic sounds in a unique way. His 2023 record “Alterego” was a masterpiece in this area. The song mixed local folk music with house and techno beats.

‘Historia De Un Amor’ is a new take on the Bolero style and an old Panamanian love story. It is the first song on the ‘CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP. Bolero has been praised as the most beautiful type of Latin American music of the 20th century, thanks to its complicated lyrics and romantic themes.

Sinego’s “Historia De Un Amor” is a song that goes beyond genres. It is full of harmony, love, and beauty, which are things that aren’t always heard in modern dance music. Sinego wanted the track to sound like a lush trip through the jungles of Tulum. He wanted people to think of horses and Mexico’s famous Charro culture.

Sinego is still making a name for himself on the world stage. “Historia De Un Amor” shows how well he can combine old and new sounds to make a soundscape that is both grounded and open to new ideas.

Iñigo Vontier – Forest Creatures

Iñigo Vontier is artist from Guadalajara, Mexico. Vontier’s story has been nothing short of amazing. He started out small with a cheap drum machine in the early 2000s. With help from big names in the business like Solomun and Maceo Plex, Vontier’s rise to fame around the world has been lightning-fast. Among the big events in his life in 2017 were working with Red Axes and starting his own record label, Calypso Records, with Thomass Jackson.

“Forest Creatures” is a great example of Vontier’s skill at combining different types of music. His masterful use of field-recorded vocals and sounds makes the track a masterful mix of modern electronic beats and parts of world music. The word itself makes you think of a trip through mystical soundscapes. It shows how deeply nature and music are connected and makes you think of CORE Tulum.

This track takes listeners on an adventure through sound that takes them to the heart of Tulum’s jungle. The song captures the spirit of discovery and travel. “Forest Creatures” is going to hit people hard thanks to its unique mix of cultural depth and cutting-edge electronic music.

Suricata – Tza Tun Zat

The mysterious Mayan labyrinths were the idea for this song. They represent a journey into the unknown, both in the past and in the present. Suricata mixes computerized beats with the rich cultural tones of native music in a very complex way.

‘Tza Tun Zat,’ which comes from the Mayan word for a maze, means ‘the place where it is easy to get lost.’ It reminds us of Suricata’s youth interest in holy places.

You can really get into your feelings on this song. It includes spiritual joy, crises, and group ecstasy.

Suricata’s song “Tza Tun Zat” adds a deep layer to the “CORE VA: Tulum 24” EP. 

Thomass Jackson – Coyotepec

Jackson’s song is named after a small Mexican town he’s never been to. The song is about a dream that won’t go away. Jackson is a self-taught musician, producer, and label owner from Argentina. His journey through electronic music has led him to work with acts like Red Axes and put out music on labels like Gomma Records.

His latest work, “Coyotepec,” shows how creatively he makes music. He is now a mainstay in Mexico City’s underground club scene. The song is a metaphor for unfulfilled hopes and dreams. It takes listeners on a deep, dark, and intense trip of self-reflection. ‘Coyotepec’ is one of the best songs on the ‘CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP thanks to its intense and simple soundscape.

AAAA – Extension De Vida

Gabo Barranco, better known by his stage name AAAA, successfully blends the trance-like melodies and the fast-paced rhythms of breakbeat. Subtleties of modular hardware are the cherry-pick on all of that. This mix not only lives up to the name of the track, “Life Extension,” but it also takes these types of music to exciting new places.

Samples on the Octatrack and lead and pad sounds from a Roland Juno D synthesizer are part of “Extension De Vida”. It has a trance-like mood and a soundscape that is both heavenly and vast. “Extension De Vida” is a bold example of AAAA’s plans for the future of electronic music.

José Noventa – Paradiso Anonimo

Spiritual and percussion elements are the base of the song. It shows José’s deep link with Mexico’s lively soul and its hidden musical paradise.

José Noventa is a nomad with a colorful approach to music. “Paradiso Anonimo” shows off his many influences, ranging from deep house to dub, creating a rhythmic refuge that goes beyond normal listening. The way this song blends different sounds and countries is a reflection of his life’s journey.

With José Noventa’s artistic vision, this last track on the “CORE VA: Tulum 24” EP is like an audio journey to an unknown paradise.