Three CP returns on Lenjam Records with a Pryda-style EP ‘Hold My Name’


Switzerland-based DJ and producer Three CP is back on Lenjam Records with a Pryda-style EP called ‘Hold My Name’.

A mix between dark and deep electronic music and progressive uplifting vibes, Three CP signature sound is no more a mystery for us. From his single last summer and his EP in September, Three CP has continued to deliver outstanding releases. Now, he’s back with another 4-track collection.

Kicking off with ‘Hold My Name’, the EP rapidly set the fundaments for the following record. A wide range of synths vibes and mysterious melodies move across the track into a hypnotic dance. From the underground vibes of the opening track, we move on ‘We All Remember’ with its progressions of melodies and long bassline. The percussive rhythm use with the 3rd track of the EP that jump again in the darkest area of electronic music. ‘Briques Oranges’ opens up with wide ambient sounds to jump, again, in an incredible progression of melodies and rolling percussions. Last but not least, ‘Get Down in Nice’ move into the darker and more underground face of the EP. Perfect as a closing tune, ‘Get Down in Nice’ features hard techno kicks and bassline.

‘Hold My Name’ could be considered the perfect mix of progressive, house and techno. If you love at least one of these genres, you will love without a doubt the whole EP. Three CP ‘Hold My Name’ EP is available here or below.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]