Electric Daisy Carnival EDC Orlando 2021 show
Electric Daisy Carnival EDC Orlando 2021 show

Listen EDC Orlando 2023 livestream via Insomniac Radio

Dive into the Electric Daisy Carnival's Magic from Anywhere – Exclusive Sets, Kinetic Energy, and More!

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EDC Orlando 2023 live stream the whole festival via Insomniac Radio, despite not having a full video stream.

As the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Orlando 2023 unveils its magical tapestry of beats, lights, and euphoria, the festival spirit extends beyond the physical grounds.

EDC Orlando will live-stream all weekend long on Insomniac Radio

For those unable to be present at the iconic Kinetic Field, fear not, for Insomniac Radio has your back. If you’re planning to be at the festival, be sure to wear the right outfit.

The live stream, undoubtedly capturing the essence of this festival extravaganza, will spotlight the kinetic energy emanating from the Kinetic Field stage and beyond. Delve into the enchanting set times featuring Franky Wah b2b Korolova, Deorro, Malaa b2b Wax Motif, James Hype, Mau P, Armin Van Buuren, Yotto, and more.

Let’s guide you on how to seamlessly immerse yourself in the EDC Orlando 2023 live stream experience. Check below for the set times.

The schedule for the live stream


The journey begins with KREAM, setting the stage with their dynamic style. Anfisa Letyago follows suit, offering a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and genres. She invites listeners into a sonic realm of her own creation.

Meduza, known for their infectious beats and chart-topping tracks, takes the stage, ensuring a performance that will have you dancing to the rhythm of their pulsating melodies. Gorgon City steps into the limelight, curating a vibrant set where the fusion of house and electronic elements creates an immersive sonic landscape.

The Chainsmokers take then center stage, promising a grand finale that will leave an indelible mark on your auditory senses.


The day kicks off with the dynamic duo Franky Wah b2b Korolova. They will set the stage for an immersive journey through their collaborative beats. Deorro, known for his infectious energy, takes the reins next, ensuring a non-stop dance-worthy performance that will keep you on your feet.

As the sun begins its descent, prepare for a magical moment with the Malaa b2b Wax Motif Sunset Set. Against the backdrop of the Orlando skyline, their collaboration promises to create an atmosphere of pure euphoria. James Hype follows, bringing his versatile and dynamic style to the virtual stage, seamlessly blending genres and keeping the energy soaring.

Mau P steps into the limelight, adding a burst of vibrancy to the stream. They’ll performance will reflect their unique musical identity. The legendary Armin Van Buuren graces the live stream with his iconic sound and stage presence. He will transport you to new dimensions through his timeless tracks.

Yotto, with his atmospheric sounds, promises to take you on a sonic journey during the EDC Orlando livestream. He will create a dreamscape of melodies and beats that encapsulate the essence of EDC Orlando.


The journey begins with Paco Osuna setting the stage for a day filled with infectious energy. As the sun gracefully descends, Alok takes over, seamlessly transitioning you into the festival’s nocturnal rhythm.

Feel the energy surge as Dillon Francis and Valentino Khan command the stage, crafting an atmosphere of pure sonic bliss. Gryffin then ensures the momentum remains high, keeping the kinetic vibes alive and kicking as the day progresses.

As the sun sets, Hugel‘s set promises a magical experience where music harmonizes with the festival atmosphere, creating an unforgettable spectacle. Dombresky then takes the reins, guiding you on a sonic journey beneath the starlit sky.