Angara debuts on Cercle Records with ‘In My Head’

Angara, the French music duo, debuts on Cercle Records with the melodic EP In My HeadCercle Records is the new imprint of French media organization, Cercle.

Cercle Records announces a new partnership with Angara, a French electronic duo best known for their Monstercat Silk EPs.

Their new EP “Altitude” is a musical story that inspires listeners to embrace their inner freedom. Each track represents a different step of the emotional journey.

The EP begins with the euphoric, throbbing single “Altitude,” a blend of captivating synths and addictive percussion, and is followed by the relaxing “In My Head” and the dreamier “Air.”

A journey with Angara and Cercle Records

Altitude” by Angara is a captivating 3-track EP that takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the ethereal realms of sound.

The EP opens with its titular track, “Altitude,” a musical ascent into the sky. The hypnotic plucked lines create an uplifting atmosphere. The soft melodic piano that feels like a gentle breeze completes the tune. Angelic harmonies seamlessly intertwine with a clean, minimal beat. They create a sonic landscape that elevates the listener to new heights.

The second track, “In My Head,” immerses the audience in a mystical and mysterious soundscape. The music evokes a sense of melancholy and nostalgia, drawing the listener into a dreamlike state. The vocal lines echo elements of the title track, creating a cohesive narrative throughout the EP. The fusion of haunting melodies and contemplative lyrics adds depth to the emotional journey.

Concluding the EP is “Air,” a track that envelops the listener in a state of tranquility and well-being. The soft and chill lines, accompanied by melodic deep harmonies, create an atmosphere of relaxation. As the EP comes to a close, “Air” leaves the audience in a serene and peaceful state, making it a perfect conclusion to this remarkable musical experience.

Angara and Cercle Records

Angara is a French electronica duo that depicts a landscape in which seemingly opposing emotions are intertwined. Their music provides the impression of being taken away in the world of the listener’s own imagination. It combines sensitive and relaxing melodies with fascinating rhythms and atmospheres.

Cercle, the French media company, founded Cercle Records back in 2020. Their goal was to bring exclusive music played during artists’ performances, to the public. The label debuted with the iconic single Cappadocia; Ben Böhmer was in fact the first artist to release on Cercle, after his iconic live performance on a hot balloon in the same Turkish region, Capadoccia.

Cercle Records is now one of the most respected independent boutique record labels out there.