How much EDC Mexico 2024 costs? Parking fee, drinks, bears, lockers’ prices

EDC Mexico 2024
EDC Mexico 2024

Exited for EDC Mexico 2024? We surely are and we can’t wait to return under the electric sky. There are some things to know before you leave for the festival. Be sure to accordingly your journey and especially your budget during the festival. To help you, we put together some info that could help you navigate better this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

EDC Mexico 2024 is a cashless festival so, how to recharge your wristband? Here it is 4 simple steps for recharging the wristband at EDC Mexico:

  • Go to any Cashless Citibanamex recharge zone inside the venue and get your wristband, which you can use for the three days of the festival
  • Recharge your wristband by paying the amount you want, using your debit or credit card or cash
  • Enjoy your purchases of food, beverages, and official merchandise. Be sure to check your balance after each transaction
  • Refund your unused wristband balance by applying online

Keep in mind that there is no pre-loading of wristbands prior to the festival. 2. The online refund application period is from February 28 to March 20.

Parking fees for EDC 2024 and a complete list of car drop-off locations

The location of this year’s EDC Mexico City is the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. However, it may be a problem to bring a car and look for parking. Here are some options to leave your vehicle safe and sound.

What is the price of parking for EDC 2024?

This 2024 EDC 2024 organizers have thought of everything. They have prepared several parking options for the enjoyment of the public attending on February 23, 24 or 25. Below, we share the prices with you.

Although the official EDC 2024 website does not specify the total cost of parking, it is estimated that the price of a parking space per car at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is between 150 (less than a beer) and 200 pesos per day (11,69 USD). On the other hand, this will be in operation from 07:00 hours.

Where can I park near EDC Mexico?

In the vicinity of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez there are several parking options:

  • ForoSol and Autodromo parking lot: C. 53 132, Colonia General, Ignacio Zaragoza, Venustiano Carranza, 15000 Venustiano Carranza, CDMX.
  • SOCAMI public parking lot: Calle Avena, 636, Granjas Mexico.
  • Alfalfa Parking Lot: Alfalfa 21, Granjas México, Iztacalco, CDMX
  • Solidaridad Medina Parking Lot: C. Avena 634, Granjas Mexico, Iztacalco, 08400 Mexico City, CDMX

We remind you that, in case of using the parking lot of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, during the EDC 2024, if your vehicle remains in the parking area from 4 to 8 hours it is possible that it will be towed and the owners will have to cover this cost.

EDC Mexico 2024 costs and prices
EDC Mexico 2024 costs and prices

This will be the price of beer, lockers, and more at EDC 2024

The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the most important and popular festivals in Mexico City. It features international artists that make the price of beer at EDC 2024 skyrocket, due to contracts with sponsors and the high demand that usually occurs in the product.

Recently the costs of locker rental were announced. Lockers are the right option for the attendee who wants to be able to store their valuable belongings for a certain period of time safely.

Price of beer at EDC 2024 in CDMX

Although it will indeed be until the day of the event that the prices of beer at EDC 2024 will be revealed, it is possible to get an average of the cost. We are going to take into consideration the amounts that were handled in the 2023 edition and previous years.

Therefore, based on the prices of the 2023 edition of the EDC, an approximation can be made>

  • Beer of 355 milliliters of the Dos E quis family: 150 pesos per large glass (8,77 USD).
  • 355-milliliter beer from the Heineken family: 160 pesos per large glass. (9,35 USD)

It is worth mentioning that these prices are subject to change during the events. More brands could be included during the sales of these types of beverages during EDC 2024.

Price of lockers at EDC 2024

Regarding the rental of lockers to store valuable belongings and avoid bitter drinks, the EDC Mexico website indicated that the cost would be 321 pesos per day.

It is worth mentioning that there is no longer a three-day locker rental fee. There is only the option of paying for it every day.

EDC Mexico 2024 Prices In Short

Parking at EDC Mexico 2024 costs approximately 150-200 pesos per day with various drop-off locations nearby. Expect beer prices around 150-160 pesos per large glass. Lockers are available at 321 pesos per day, no longer offering a three-day option.