Tomorrowland Brasil Day 2 Canceled: Rain Delays the Music

Tomorrowland Brasil Day 2 Canceled Due to Heavy Rain: Fans Patiently Await Return

Tomorrowland Brazil 2024
Tomorrowland Brazil 2024

Tomorrowland Brasil’s second day was canceled due to heavy rain and flooding. Tomorrowland Brasil was scheduled to run for three days from October 12th to 14th at Parque Maeda, near São Paulo. But Mother Nature had other plans.

Strong rain and heavy mud made Tomorrowland Brasil Day 2 canceled

A press release from the organizers cited “strong storms, rain, and flooding during yesterday” as the primary reason for the cancellation. The severe weather had caused extensive damage to the festival’s internal areas, parking lots, and access roads.

This decision was not taken lightly, but it was necessary to ensure everyone’s well-being.

TomorrowWorld experienced the same fate in 2015

This unfortunate cancellation may bring back memories of another catastrophic electronic music festival experience: TomorrowWorld (commonly referred to as “Mudworld”) in 2015.

The week leading up to that event was plagued by heavy rain, resulting in an entire festival ground submerged in mud.

The problems snowballed, eventually contributing to the fall of the event’s parent company, SFX/Livestyle.

Fast forward to 2023, and it seems Tomorrowland Brasil faced a similar challenge. The first day of the festival saw torrential rain, transforming the festival grounds into a muddy mess.

The cancellation of Day 2, as a result of the extreme rain, was a preventative measure to ensure the festival’s infrastructure was properly restored.