Online Tomorrowland Academy
Online Tomorrowland Academy

Tomorrowland Academy: Learn How to DJ and Produce From the Bests

Ever dreamed of pursuing a producer and DJ career? Release global hits or even perform on Tomorrowland‘s main stage one day? You can now start your career thanks to the Online Tomorrowland Academy.

The Tomorrowland Academy is an all-new educational tool for DJs and producers. It aims to help new and experienced DJs and producers take their careers to the next level. You will learn how to DJ and produce the next global hits.

Obviously, the DJ and the producer career are two distinctive ones that can, in some cases, merge. With this in mind, the Tomorrowland Academy offers in-depth courses on deejaying techniques, finding solutions to common DJ problems, and expanding your music library. Producers, on the other hand, can learn from the best in the business, browse samples and project files, and get feedback on their demos.

But, let’s dive deep into what the Online Tomorrowland Academy will offer:

  • In-depth courses for DJs and producers (there are several in-depth classes to learn how to DJ from the best experts in the business and Tomorrowland artists like Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Henri PFR, Andromedik, and more.)
  • Download extra learning materials, tools, demos, and project files.
  • Join live streams and Q&As with the best Tomorrowland acts and guest speakers.
  • Take part in DJ and remix events to find new artists.
  • Send in your demo, and during live streams, professionals will give you feedback on your work.
  • “Student Spotlight” shines a light on a new student every month.

To join the Tomorrowland Academy you will need to subscribe to a Monthly Subscription Plan. The subscription is € 15 per month, or € 165 for an entire year. We had the chance to have a sneak peek at the courses offered and we can assure you of the top quality of them. 

Exclusive Masterclasses

Monthly Membership is just the start of your journey into the Academy. You can expand your learning program with Exclusive Masterclasses by famous DJs and producers.

These include “The Future of Creative DJing” by Laidback Luke, “The Art of Creating a Live Set” by Agents Of Time (coming soon), and a “James Hype Masterclass” (coming soon).

  • Laidback Luke: The Future of Creative DJing is now out there.
    • Find out what Laidback Luke can do and how to separate the stems, use AI, and change the future of music mixing.
  • There will soon be a James Hype Masterclass.
    • Learn more about James Hype’s amazing mechanical skills. Giving you a step-by-step plan to upgrade your transitions.
  • Agents of Time: How to Make a Live Set (coming soon)
    • An inside look at how Agents Of Time makes music. Learn how to produce, write a new song, and mix, master, and make the visuals for a live show.
The interface and a page of the Online Tomorrowland Academy
The interface and a page of the Online Tomorrowland Academy

The in-person physical Tomorrowland Academy

Together with the Online Academy, you can learn how to DJ and produce music thanks to in-person courses. Tomorrowland launched some years ago an in-person DJ & Producing Academy. It is located in Antwerp and Hasselt, Belgium.

The Tomorrowland Academy is a DJ & producer school for kids, teens, and adults that aims to inspire and empower passionate people from all over the world to make, release, perform, and produce music.

To find new and young talent, the Tomorrowland Academy is the best place to be.

It also gives adults the chance to improve their skills and meet other people in the same business.

The Academy before Tomorrowland Belgium 2024

Before Tomorrowland Belgium 2024, the Tomorrowland Academy will again hold DJ boot camps for kids and adults right next to the festival grounds at De Schorre. The camps will last for a week and include DJing and producing, networking, and meetings with experts in the field to give you ideas.