The new Tomorrowland CORE stage unveiled for the first time at Zamna Tulum 2024. It features two half faces and a big screen in the middle
The new Tomorrowland CORE stage unveiled for the first time at Zamna Tulum 2024. It features two half faces and a big screen in the middle

Have a First Look at Tomorrowland CORE Tulum’s New 2024 Stage

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Tomorrowland’s new CORE stage in Tulum features a unique design, symbolizing unity with half a man and half a woman connected by cables. Revealed through bold ink sketches, the stage transforms dynamically, promising a visually captivating show amid the lush jungle setting of Zamna Tulum.

CORE, the brainchild of Tomorrowland Belgium, has evolved from a mere digital stage to a full-fledged series of events, a thriving festival, and an influential record label.

As it returns to Tulum, Mexico, in 2024, anticipation is building around the unveiling of its brand-new stage.

Tomorrowland has teased us with sketches and glimpses, offering a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.

We can now have a first look at how Tomorrowland’s new CORE stage will look like in Tulum.

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The evolution from digital to the in-person new 2024 stage in Tulum

How does Tomorrowland’s CORE stage look like?

From the first pictures, it’s clear that CORE’s new stage is different from the old one. The famous figure with the calm, upward look has been changed. It is an interesting representation of the two sides of people. The stage is made up of two halves, a man and a woman, that are linked in the middle by cables, bridges, and lines. This is a strong symbol that stands for togetherness and how different parts of our lives are connected.

Tomorrowland gave a sneak peek at the CORE stage design through a drawing study. It looks like it was made with ink on paper. The lines are thick and there is no coloring. Even though the piece of art seems simple, it is actually very complicated, making people think about what it really means. Like the event itself, the CORE Tulum stage seems to be a mix of artistic expression and cutting-edge design.

In a video shared on Facebook, the Tomorrowland CORE stage goes through an interesting change. It starts out as a single unit, but then brighter lights separate it into two separate halves. This lively show makes us think of a visual show.

We have seen the use of massive ledwalls lately, especially at Zamna Tulum with Afterlife and Keinmusik. The gap between the two faces on the stage could be used just for it.

The New and Interesting Features of the New CORE Stage: A Technological Wonder

The brand-new CORE stage at Tomorrowland Tulum 2024 is huge.

It measures 17 meters in height and 30 meters in width. Notably, the whole stage is made to be easy to move around because it all fits into one container.

The stage is very technologically advanced. It has many lighting elements, such as 209 moving lights, 20 wash beams, and 96 flashing lights, that make the show look amazing.

Water features on the stage include 14 waterfalls, 14 geysers, and 28 LED washes.

There are also moving parts like fireworks, CO2 shooters, LED bars, fog machines, and bubble smoke machines.

In short:

  • The stage is 17 meters high and 30 meters wide.
  • All stage decorations are inflatable.
  • The entire stage has been developed for touring, everything fits into 1 container. ​
  • 209 moving lights
  • 20 wash beams
  • 96 strobe lights
  • 95 LED flares
  • 34 LED par spots
  • 14 water fountains
  • 14 water geysers
  • 28 water LED washes
  • 40 fireworks fountains
  • 15 CO2 shooters
  • 15 LED bars
  • 45 fog machines
  • 22 bubble smoke machines

What do people think of the new stage? Mixed Reviews

Different people have different thoughts on Tomorrowland’s new CORE stage opening in Tulum. Some fans like how the pictures have been improved and how a big screen with two half-faces has made the images more dynamic.

But people with different views say that the previous stage’s charm. Its happy face and unique forest vibe, can’t be beaten. Some critics say that the change from a magical forest experience to a more mainstream rave vibe might make the event less unique.

People are wondering how well the new stage will do at Tomorrowland Belgium because of the debate.

Zamna Tulum, Mexico; an exciting setting in the middle of the jungle

The setting of CORE Tulum makes the experience even more powerful. The Zamna Festival, which is at km 200, México 307, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico, is the right place for this musical journey. People who go to the festival will be surrounded by the lush landscapes of Tulum.

The mood will be one of a kind, combining natural beauty with the lively energy of the festival.

The brand-new CORE stage will perfectly blend with the stunning jungle and surroundings of Zamna Tulum.

The first sketch of Tomorrowland's CORE brand new stage that will be premiered at CORE Tulum, Mexico
The first sketch of Tomorrowland’s CORE brand new stage that will be premiered at CORE Tulum, Mexico