The headphones that doesn’t exist but everybody wants: Nothing x AIAIAI

A mix between the iconic transparency look by Nothing and the modularity of AIAIAI in a forward-thinking vision by Ma Yc designer

AIAIAI x Nothing headphones concept
AIAIAI x Nothing headphones concept

The AIAIAI x Nothing headphones blend AIAIAI’s TMA-2 Studio/TMA-2 Wireless design with Nothing‘s iconic transparent aesthetic. Designed by Ma Yc, they feature translucent white plastic speaker units and a headband with air cushions reminiscent of Nike Air Max bubbles.

The high-end audio gear world is full of eclectic devices and diverse designs. We are used to the iconic style and sinuous lines from Teenage Engineering, for example. The custom DJ and live performing console built for Swedish House Mafia is just the latest example of how music, design, and technology can come together.

This is different tho. This is something that doesn’t exist but it seems everyone wants it.

We’re talking about a concept, a vision from the designer Ma Yc. Hu took every single iconic part and style from Nothing and AIAIAI and put them together in a unique object. A pair of headphones that doesn’t exist.

The headphones are a mix of the AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio/TMA-2 Wireless design with the all-transparent and black-white-red style from Nothing.

In contrast with the original design of AIAIAI, the speaker units are made of transparent white plastic. Ma Yc chose, in perfect Nothing style, to use translucent plastic to make appear the electronics and the speaker inside the speaker units.

Inspiration for the AIAIAI x Nothing headphones collaboration
Inspiration for the AIAIAI x Nothing headphones collaboration

The headband follows the same concept. Translucent white plastic but with a twist. For maximum comfort, air cushions are added around it. They seem like the iconic Nike Air Max bubbles. This choice of headband makes the headphones stand apart.

According to Ma Yu’s vision, the AIAIAI x Nothing headphones come in white and black colors.

Having already tested the quality of AIAIAI headphones we can already guarantee the excellence of their product. Having this new, iconic design on top of that, would make the headphones a must-buy.

Let’s hope someone from AIAIAI or Nothing would see this and, maybe, start the collaboration.

Be sure to check Ma Yc on Behance for more work.