AIAIAI launches first professional wireless studio monitors

With battery powered portability and ultra-low latency wireless audio, UNIT-4 liberates the music creative process.

Danish audio company AIAIAI has unveiled UNIT-4, the world’s first professional wireless studio monitors.

this innovation promises to revolutionize the music production landscape, giving artists and creators the freedom to break free from the constraints of traditional studios and take their music wherever their creativity leads them.

We have always loved AIAIAI products as we daily drive a pair of TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ and this step forward in the wireless direction makes us more exciting than ever.

AIAIAI UNIT-4: Breaking Down the Barriers

What was once restricted to the confines of a studio has now been liberated in the hands of creators worldwide. AIAIAI’s UNIT-4 offers a new level of mobility and collaboration, allowing musicians to work with greater freedom whether at home, on the road, or with friends.

Frederik Jørgensen, the founder of AIAIAI, explains the motivation behind this breakthrough

We’re always looking for ways to reduce friction in the creative process. We designed UNIT-4 to encourage creators to continue pushing creative boundaries as music production becomes more dynamic and collaborative.

Innovative Technology and Design

AIAIAI has introduced cutting-edge audio technology and acoustic design innovation, compressing professional studio monitor performance into a compact 2.5kg package. UNIT-4 boasts ultra-low latency wireless audio with only 16ms of delay and offers multiple connectivity options, including Wireless+, Bluetooth, and cabled connections.

Notably, the unit is designed without the use of adhesives, allowing for total disassembly and component replacement, and it’s made from 100% recyclable plastic.

Tom Fletcher, AIAIAI’s Product Manager, highlights the significance of UNIT-4’s design:

There simply weren’t any good options available for dynamic music creators. We pushed the limits of tiny speaker design with UNIT-4 to create a powerful reference studio monitor that is portable and totally wireless – for cable-free on-the-go music creation.

Expanding the AIAIAI Family

The launch of UNIT-4 marks the next stage in AIAIAI’s expansion of its product lineup utilizing W+ Link technology, which started with the release of the TMA-2 Wireless+ headphones in December 2021. W+ Link is engineered exclusively for wireless audio with ultra-low latency, ensuring a solid and resilient connection, ultimately providing artists with greater freedom in music creation.


Key Features That Set UNIT-4 Apart

  1. Complete Wireless Independence: UNIT-4 offers both audio and power cordless operation, powered by a W+ battery with over 20 hours of playback time. It delivers wireless audio with ultra-low latency for music composition, boasting only 16ms of delay, uncompressed audio, and a robust connection.
  2. Performance of a Reference Monitor: Equipped with a 4-inch high-excursion woofer and a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter, this two-way active monitor ensures tonal precision over a flat +/-2dB frequency response from 50Hz to 20kHz. Bass EQ is finely tuned to produce clear bass extension down to 40Hz. Users can customize the sound using the AIAIAI app’s 5-band EQ.
  3. Portable, Compact, and Tough: With a size of just 3 liters and a weight of 2.5kg, UNIT-4 is highly portable. The rear bass vent also doubles as a convenient carrying handle, and a removable steel grille protects the woofer and tweeter.
  4. Connect to Anything: UNIT-4 offers versatile connectivity options. You can use the W+ Link for low-latency wireless music composition with the X02 transmitter, connect via Bluetooth 5.2 for wireless playback from compatible devices, or use the 3.5mm mini-jack and 6.3mm balanced TRS inputs for a wired connection.
  5. Designing Responsibly: AIAIAI takes sustainability seriously. UNIT-4’s main components are made entirely from recycled polymers sourced from post-consumer materials. The glue-free disassembly design allows users to disassemble the entire speaker with just two screwdrivers, making it easy to replace components like batteries and drive units. Moreover, AIAIAI ensures that their upgradeable wireless devices provide future-proofing for new technologies.

AIAIAI’s UNIT-4 represents a monumental leap forward in the world of music production.

By combining innovative technology, portability, and sustainability, it empowers music creators to explore new frontiers in their craft, unshackling them from the confines of traditional studios and enabling them to produce music wherever inspiration strikes.

With AIAIAI’s commitment to reducing friction in the creative process, the future of music production is brighter and more wireless than ever before.