The Great Library of Tomorrow, Tomorrowland's immersive experience in Barcelona
The Great Library of Tomorrow, Tomorrowland's immersive experience in Barcelona

Tomorrowland presents ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ in Barcelona

A brand-new spectacular immersive experience in the heart of Barcelona telling the story of Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is launching ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow‘ in the heart of Barcelona, a brand-new spectacular immersive experience. It’s specially envisioned and designed by the internationally renowned creative team behind Tomorrowland and Xtended Reality Music Hub (formed by Blanco y Negro Music and Layers of Reality).

A world of wonder, art, and cutting-edge technology combine to create a breathtaking cultural offering for all audiences.

It invites people to embark on an unforgettable adventure and step into the various worlds and themes of the Tomorrowland Universe. They include also the World of the Great Tree the Realm of Melodia, and much more.

When, where, and what to expect from Tomorrowland’s new ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’

The Great Library of Tomorrow‘ will make its debut on December 15 at Barcelona’s Aribau Immersive Space.

To commemorate the worldwide premiere of The Great Library of Tomorrow in Barcelona, a limited number of early bird tickets are available from now until November 13.

Designed for all ages, ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow‘ is poised to become one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions.

It will allow visitors to experience a world of wonder and adventure where the stories behind the Tomorrowland themes come to life.

The world of Tomorrowland is more alive than ever

Tomorrowland has earned a legendary reputation over the years by engaging with the People of Tomorrow all over the world through authentic, imaginative, and intriguing stories and themes.

Every year, the festival introduces a new festival theme. It is then brought to life in a captivating trailer, on the iconic Mainstage, and across the festival grounds in Boom, Belgium.

Because the stories of each theme cannot be fully portrayed during the festival, Tomorrowland has begun bringing to life the festival’s magical worlds.

The narratives are now in fantasy novel form, as well as presenting the whole origin stories of its festival themes.

The Great Library of Tomorrow‘ now provides a new method to enter iconic chapters in Tomorrowland’s history and explore virtual worlds like never before.

Tomorrowland Butterfly
Tomorrowland Butterfly

A 1-hour journey in more than 1.000 square meters space

Visitors will begin their 1-hour journey in more than 1.000 square meters in the heart of Barcelona at the Aribau Immersive Space (just a few steps from Plaça Catalunya).

The visit will include several digital art installations, allowing them to explore some of Tomorrowland’s key features, values, and objects.

Visitors will also have an initial glimpse at Tomorrowland’s DNA, and they’ll walk inside the other mythical realms of Tomorrowland for a unique and unprecedented collective VR metaverse experience.

‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ is the culmination of more than two years of work. It ombines cutting-edge technologies for the first time, pushing the presentation of immersive digital art to the next level.