Bhaskar and JADED team up for “When I See It”

The tune features The Vic

Bhaskar and JADED
Bhaskar and JADED

Brazilian producer Bhaskar ties up with West London-based duo JADED for their new track “When I See It,” featuring The Vic, in a collaboration of two unquestionable powerhouses in house music.

With its blend of spoken word vocals and flawless audio production, this dark and energetic music recalls epic compositions from early 2000s house superstars.

‘When I See It’ emerged some time ago through conversations between JADED and myself on the internet. I had a tour scheduled for Europe and would be in London, so I reached out to them. We decided to meet and create a song together. When discussing what we were going to produce, I recall that ‘Tina’ was the song of mine that had most caught their attention, while ‘Welcome To The People’ was the song of theirs that had grabbed mine. We then talked to find a middle ground between the two, and I think ‘When I See It’ is precisely that. It has various elements reminiscent of ‘Tina,’ but also many sounds that they used in ‘Welcome To The People.’ As for its genre, I see it as a tech house track but with a more progressive twist. It builds throughout the song, introducing a new element with every break, every drop, showcasing this progressive nature. Regarding its similarity to ‘Tina.’ I undoubtedly wanted to create a follow-up to ‘Tina,’ but I aimed to deviate slightly from its original vibe to reinvent the sound rather than just continue it. I believe ‘When I See It’ does echo ‘Tina’ but in a lighter way, more accessible, for instance, in its lyrics, which aren’t as heavy as ‘Tina,’ neither is instrumental. So I see it as a ‘Tina 2.0’, but lighter and more digestible. – Bhaskar

Beginning with lush instrumental melodies, Bhaskar and JADED weave in deep and driving basslines as well as dazzling synths to create a composition that is complicated yet completely danceable.

Summer may be coming to an end in many parts of the world, but “When I See It” will keep things scorching, hot, hot for nightlife and winter festival season in the tropics.

It comes after Bhaskar’s recent curation of CONTROVERSIA‘s Vol. 010 compilation, a remix for Yves V and Sem Thomasson’s “Sound Of A Beating Heart,” and his Repopulate Mars duet with Mojjo and Bright Sparks on “Zombie.”

JADED, on the other hand, had a string of popular releases on Diplo’s Higher Ground label, including hits like “Mirror” and “Show My Love,” as well as other original compositions and remixes on Another Rhythm, Sweat It Out, and others.

This song is all about that undeniable feeling you experience with other people that doesn’t require a description, it’s an understanding that whatever this sound is we are experiencing together is hitting all the right emotions and feelings and is just right! We all felt this very quickly when things started cooking up with Bhaskar in our West London studio! The Vic’s undeniable vocal really delivers this one straight into the cosmos. – JADED