You can now listen Martin Garrix IDEM at RAI Amsterdam on Apple Music

Martin Garrix releases highly the anticipated ADE Live Show ‘IDEM’ on YouTube as well

Martin Garrix IDEM at RAI Amsterdam
Martin Garrix IDEM at RAI Amsterdam

His famous ADE solo shows at the RAI Amsterdam come back at ADE 2023. IDEM (the name of the show) was so popular that Martin Garrix put the whole three-hour recording of the show on his official YouTube channel. Now only that, the full tracklist, divided track by track, including mashups and remixes, is now available on Apple Music.

IDEM was held on both Friday and Saturday during ADE and sold out in record time. The famous artist put together a great set list that showed how versatile he is as a DJ and songwriter.

IDEM’s visual show was just as amazing. It featured a huge LED wall and a moving structure hanging above the crowd. This immersive mix of music and images made for an interesting journey that made the whole experience better for the audience. Gabe Fraboni, the mind behind the show, explained in detail every single aspect of it.

At IDEM, Martin Garrix and his team reached the end of a ten-year journey. As it moves from D3.bug to ANIMA to SENTIO and now to IDEM, the show honors the big events of the past few years. The title, IDEM, which comes from the Latin word for “the same,” represents the modern idea of identity by highlighting the complicated relationship between being unique and having a common human experience.

For a full in-depth overview of the set, track by track, you can check our article Full Set analysis of Martin Garrix’s Epic IDEM Show at ADE 2023.

The show is the end of a story that celebrates the team’s shared passion and dedication, as well as the friendships they made and the tales they told. IDEM is a tribute to all the people who have grown as artists and as people over the past ten years. It holds all the memories and important events that have happened during that time.

Martin Garrix is currently in the studio with Third Party. Their new song together is allegedly coming out on Friday. Martin Garrix will also be bak in Ibiza with his annual resident at Ushuaia.