EM’s Progressive Deep House Remix of ARTBAT’s “Coming Home”

EM's Deep House Flip on "Coming Home" is Melodic Bliss

EM has low-key been killing it on YouTube with his fire mixtapes, but his new remix of ARTBAT‘s “Coming Home” is truly next level.

The kid took the original progressive house banger and flipped it into this gorgeous, deeply emotional deep house journey. We’re talking Lane 8 or This Never Happened levels of atmospheric vibes.

It’s all warm, lush melodies and moody atmospherics, but the genius move was keeping John Martin’s iconic vocals pretty much intact. That’s the key to a dope remix – reimagining the original without losing the special sauce that made it resonate so hard in the first place.

Speaking of special sauce, EM’s production is absolutely flawless on this one. Fat layered textures, huge cinematic breakdowns that give you chills, and impeccable rhythms that just grip you and never let go. The way he builds tension in that breakdown with the atmospheric vocal chops is a goddamn masterclass.

EM’s whole sound is straight out of the melodic/emotive house realm à la Icarus, Yotto, Duskus and that crowd. Lush, melancholic chord progressions shot through with rays of euphoric beauty. He captures that bitter-sweet vibe perfectly.

As he gears up for a huge 2024 campaign focused on his own original productions, remixes like this have me incredibly hyped for what he’s got coming. You can hear his artistic vision shining through crystal clear.

If you’re into deep, melodic house at all, this “Coming Home” remix is an absolute must-listen. The way EM reimagined and flipped the vibe while still honoring the essence of the track is seriously impressive stuff. He’s even putting it out as a free download too!

Real underground talents like EM are exactly why the melodic house scene stays so fresh and captivating. With A-plus remixes like this one, it’s only a matter of time before he blows up in a major way. Don’t sleep, get hip now before he’s playing massive stages.

ARTBAT ft. John Martin - Coming Home (EM Remix)