Dlike drops melodic techno ‘Breaking Out’

Breaking Out: Dlike's Debut Takes Electronic Music to New Heights


Terranova Records has once again proven its knack for discovering and nurturing emerging talents. In this latest musical odyssey, they introduce us to Dlike. He is a promising newcomer whose meteoric rise has culminated in the release of his debut track, “Breaking Out.

Dlike, also known as Luca Sciurti, is not your average electronic artist. His musical journey began in the classical realm, where he spent nearly a decade honing his skills as a pianist. His early years were dedicated to composing orchestral pieces, solo piano works, and intricate string quartets. However, at the age of 20, he took a leap into the pulsating world of electronic music. This will forever alter the trajectory of his artistic expression.

Dlike’s Breaking Out on Terranova

Breaking Out” is a testament to Dlike‘s ability to seamlessly blend his classical roots with the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music. It’s also his inaugural release under Terranova Records. The track opens a portal to a sonic dimension. In it, lush melodies intertwine with pulsating beats. He creates an immersive experience that transcends genres.

The track’s title, “Breaking Out,” aptly captures the essence of his journey – breaking out from the confines of tradition and embracing the limitless possibilities of electronic soundscapes.

Terranova Records is known for its keen eye for spotting talent. The label has a history of introducing listeners to artists who go on to shape the future of electronic music, and Dlike seems poised to join that illustrious roster.