Galo shares new single “Touch Me Tease Me”

The single is out now via Tchami's Confession Label

Galo, a rising Florida-based DJ and producer, released his enthralling new track “Touch Me Tease Me” on September 8th, lighting up dance floors all over the world with his distinctive sound. The song, which is distinguished by its alluring vocals, throbbing basslines, and contagious kicks, is evidence of Galo’s mastery of the style.

Galo has traveled a path that has been nothing short of amazing to this crucial point. He has been captivating audiences with his dynamic performances and contagious enthusiasm throughout his ongoing and hugely popular summer tour, which has taken him to thrilling locations like San Diego, Detroit, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando.

He will perform at the eagerly anticipated Imagine Festival in September, adding to his impressive list of accomplishments and demonstrating his quick ascent within the electronic music field. This summer, Galo further cemented his reputation as a force to be reckoned with by showcasing his musical talent while serving as Tchami‘s primary support act.

Galo emphasized his excitement for the approaching release by saying, “Having a release on Confession has long been an ambition of mine, and I think it’s coming at a fantastic time for me. It’s fantastic to now be a member of the label because I’ve been listening to Tchami and following it since 2016″. Galo clarified the origins of “Touch Me Tease Me,” indicating that the song resulted from a period of sonic experimentation. “The first time I tested it out, I had a feeling I was on to something,” he said. Galo held onto the music for a time before deciding on a whim to send it to Confession. I wasn’t expecting them to choose this track out of all the tracks I sent them, but here we are, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The foundation for this next release has been laid by Galo’s prior accomplishments. He produced two huge successes earlier this summer for House Call and Insomniac Records, establishing himself as a producer with a natural ability to engage listeners and advance the dance music scene.

The collaboration between Galo and Tchami’s Confession Label on “Touch Me Tease Me” is a match made in musical heaven since it has the potential to make an enduring impression on the tech house scene. Galo continues to push boundaries and ignite dance floors, so get ready to be swept up in his throbbing beats and infectious lyrics.