KIDSØ returns to form on cinematic ‘Fragments’


Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider of the Munich duo KIDSØ return to form with the sonically intriguing “Fragments,” which will be released via Embassy One.

This comes on the heels of their microhouse rework of the song “Who I Once Knew” by the British singer-songwriter Chris de Sarandy.

Fragments via Embassy One

The new single “Fragments” by KIDSØ combines the band’s strengths, which are beats that are atmospheric and melancholy as well as melodies that are catchy.

It starts out slow but gradually increases in intensity before taking the audience on a journey that lasts for four minutes and fifty seconds.

Fans in Germany get the opportunity to see a one-of-a-kind live performance by KIDSØ, which features a large number of live instruments, including drums, guitar, and various different types of synthesizers.

The live performances of the band are distinguished by improvisation on the spot, infectious rhythms, and engaging visuals, which combine to produce an immersive experience.

  • Tuesday 19 September – Wohngemeinschaft (Cologne)
  • Wednesday 20 September – Marburg Q (Marburg)


In addition to the release of their thrilling new music, KIDS have just announced that they have acquired a recording contract with the record label Embassy One. Embassy One is home to internationally acclaimed musicians such as Monolink and Moby.

KIDSØ - Fragments (Official Video)