Han Conscious
Han Conscious

Han Conscious edits Kx5’s ‘Take Me High’

US-based upcoming artist, Han Conscious drops an unofficial remix of Kx5‘s single Take Me High.

In this remix, Han Conscious’s excellent production skills and powerful sound are highlighted. The structure creates anticipation with its enticing melody and vocal loop. The celebration is joined by an electro bassline, which results in a powerful club track.

The creator of Han Conscious, Karlos Gonzalez, has struggled for a long time to decide which direction to take his brainchild. He has been motivated to write music in a variety of genres, such as alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. Han Conscious believes that a great song is a lovely song, regardless of the genre.

He writes in any genre that comes to him at the time. And EDM has been the genre that has most affected him recently. Specifically, electro house and bass house, as well as several of house music’s subgenres. Han Conscious’s music could be described as energetic and aggressive with a steady dosage of cheerful energy.