Hidden Face presents 2-track melodic EP ‘Calling An Angel’

Hidden face
Hidden Face

Paris-based producer, Hidden Face presents an astonishing progressivemelodic 2-track EP containing Calling An Angel and Far Away.

A perfect blend between progressive house vibes and underground and techno beats, Calling An Angel is the opening record of this 2-track EP. Kicking off with delightful and melodic lines, the tune introduces a delicate arpeggio that flows divinely on the whole tune. Slowing down on the breakdown, where the euphoric beats stop and an ancient and serious theme kicks in, Calling An Angel rapidly evolves bringing back the original charming vibes.

On a deeper level, Far Away introduces a profound baseline and a hypnotic arpeggio topped with plucked melodies and a soothing vocal loop that gives to the listener a feeling of confusion. With its lighter intro, the tune includes elegant keys before softly incorporating the vocal. Far Away is a rollercoaster of sounds, moving from hypnotic and euphoric beats to heartfelt and mysterious themes.

Currently, Hidden Face 2-track EP Calling and Angel is out now via Uprise Music. You can check it below or following this link.