Martin Garrix AREA21 sign to Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records


For their collaborative project AREA21, Martin Garrix and Maejor have signed with STMPD RCRDS/Hollywood Records (Disney Music Group). The music of AREA21 is based on the story of two alien travelers who are traveling through space, spreading a message of unity and good vibes, when they come crashing down on Earth by accident. Their adventures are chronicled musically and visually through a series of songs and accompanying animated videos, which will be released this spring and summer by award-winning animation studio Titmouse (Run the Jewels, Dua Lipa), and culminate in a fall album.

La La La,” AREA21’s first single for the upcoming album, is now available. The duo travels through the galaxies, beaming up unhappy people onto their spaceship for an impromptu party, using the universal language of music to unite and uplift their mood in the video for “La La La.” They crash to Earth at the end of the video, and that’s when the real adventure begins.

The song “La La La” celebrates being different and blocking out the negativity, while the lyrics speak to the importance of being your true self, following your voice, and choosing your path from a place of dreaming and wonder, not fear.

AREA21 - La La La (Official Video)