Jenn Getz and Alfie land on Toolroom with ‘Vibration’

Jenn Getz & Alfie Debut 'Vibration' on Toolroom Records: Where Beats Meet Well-Being

Jenn Getz and Alfie
Jenn Getz and Alfie

Jenn Getz and Alfie, the regular DJ pair at Dubai’s finest nightlife hotspot, Soho Garden, have recently released their new single, ‘Vibration,’ on the legendary Toolroom Records.

Jenn Getz and Alfie are no strangers to the exhilarating energy of the dance floor. They spent the last three years warming up the stage for giants such as Sonny Fodera, MK, Claptone, Solardo, and Fisher on a weekly basis. Their quick rise in the business has been highlighted by releases on Solotoko, Abode, and Toolroom Trax. ‘Vibration‘ marks their formal Toolroom debut.

The combination of the duo’s two main hobbies – house music and well-being – is what makes ‘Vibration‘ truly special. Both artists are ardent supporters of a thoughtful and meditation-centered lifestyle. Their dedication to a holistic way of life is obvious, and they have skillfully weaved these qualities into the fabric of ‘Vibration.’

An uplifting story hides beneath the thundering basslines and captivating rhythms. Jenn Getz and Alfie took a risk by co-writing unique lyrics that flow seamlessly with the music. This daring maneuver adds a layer of depth to ‘Vibration‘. It elevates the tune from a party hymn to a sonic journey that speaks to the soul.

The song itself demonstrates the duo’s ability to flawlessly integrate their two loves into a cohesive and appealing musical experience. The excitement of a Soho Garden night reverberates across the song as the beats vibrate through the speakers.

As the sounds of ‘Vibration‘ reverberate across dance floors throughout the world, it’s evident that Jenn Getz & Alfie are here to leave their imprint on the global electronic music industry.

Welcome to the next stage of their adventure, when the rhythm of the night collides with the pulse of happiness.