Shadow Child debuts on Toolroom with ‘Rising High’

Shadow Child
Shadow Child

Shadow Child makes his long-awaited appearance on Toolroom with his newest single, “Rising High.” This song shows how dedicated he is to always pushing the limits of sound.

Rising High‘ is full of energy, and its hypnotic beat pulls listeners in. Every part of the song, from the catchy bassline to the complex tunes, was carefully put together to show how skilled and creative Shadow Child is.

One of the most interesting things about “Rising High” is how well it mixes different types of music. Shadow Child makes sounds that are both familiar and new by drawing on his many years of experience and wide range of musical tastes. While honoring the roots of rave culture, the track also moves the genre forward and gives us a look into the future of electronic music.

Shadow Child has been friends with Toolroom for a long time. Working with the prestigious label seems like a reasonable next step.

Over the course of his career, Shadow Child has wowed crowds with his electrifying shows and unmatched stage presence. He played at legendary clubs like Fabric in London and Warehouse Project in Manchester.

But maybe the most amazing thing about Shadow Child’s story is how much his fans have stuck by him. Throughout the years, he has built a strong fan base of music lovers who have never stopped admiring his work.