Julien Vertigo presents ‘Hope’ EP with remixes by Jares and AlexC.

Julien Vertigo

Switzerland-based DJ and producer Julien Vertigo drops his first release in 2022 in the form of Hope EPFeaturing Hope and Flying Above The Oceanthe EP also includes two remixes of the records. The full EP is now available via Beatport.

Julien Vertigo tells us that everything started from scratch on a cloudy day during full lockdown when Julien decided to record some lyrics which directly provided strong emotions to him. This is how Hope, the main track of the EP is born. A breakbeat melodic touch driven by crispy synths give an ethereal soundscape to this emotional journey. And then, when the near future was supposed to be a little bit brighter, the second track Flying Above The Ocean came right away in his mind with a more joyful atmosphere with this warm bass that directly give a soul to this deep melody. Here you have the short story about this Hope EP.

As Julien always says, music is based on mood, emotions, and on all the things around you and this EP is the perfect result of these sayings. The EP also includes two brilliant remixes from talented artists AlexC. and Jares.

AlexC. is an Italian Dj and Producer. He began his activity in the world of music a few years ago and today he has a dozen releases distributed on numerous music portals. In continuous musical and technical evolution, he is working on his electronic live project. Driven by the desire to propose new sounds and always looking for a more personal approach as possible with the music and with the audience that listens to it.