Teho during a live show
Teho during a live show

Teho drops new introspective single “Origins”

Teho’s newest single, “Origins,” is the start of a heart-searching journey into the depths of his own personality and musical skill.

‘Origins’ isn’t just another electronic track; it’s a look back at Teho‘s own journey as an artist. The song is Teho‘s deep exploration of self-discovery through music.

To become a performer, Teho took a very different route than most people. He wasn’t like many of his friends. He didn’t go to music school or come from a family of musicians. Teho found comfort and release in music.

‘Origins’ takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through layers of sweeping synths, crisp beats, and euphoric crescendos from the very first notes. Teho wants us to become fully immersed in his sound world. Every part is carefully made, and every beat is filled with raw emotion.

‘Origins’ is an interesting step in Teho‘s musical development.

“Origins” is a powerful reminder of how music can break down boundaries and bring people together. Teho’s introspective lyrics and ethereal tunes make us want to think about our own paths to self-discovery and appreciate the beauty of being flawed.

Teho’s single, “Origins,” draws inspiration from his personal journey as an artist. It makes us reflect on his unconventional path to music and the profound emotional experiences that shaped his identity and creativity.