Kasbo Returns with ‘The Way You Had Me’

It's His First Solo Single in 3 Years

The multi-talented Swedish musician Kasbo has made his formal comeback after an absence of three years with his first original solo release.

Kasbo is embarking on a new musical path with the release of his track “The Way You Had Me,” which investigates the therapeutic qualities of music that are propelled by dancefloors.

ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective is releasing it as of right now; this marks the beginning of the prolific artist’s comeback.

Kasbo’s production of “The Way You Had Me” captivates listeners with its snappy yet understated beat, which allows the track’s spine-tingling melodic parts room to breathe while simultaneously lulling them into a hypnotic trance.

Kasbo continues to make use of the many facets of his talent, and the new song features some tight guitar licks that provide an additional degree of depth to the record. This is something that Kasbo has displayed throughout his discography.

Kasbo about The Way You Had Me

‘The Way You Had Me’ marked a major turning point for me creatively. I’d been struggling for months, if not years, to rediscover my place in the new and quickly changing electronic music landscape. This song felt like the beginning of me realizing that direction – covering new ground while still creating something that felt true to myself. The song itself is about a past relationship and coming to terms with a partner moving on. That period when you’re wondering if they’re just distracting themselves or if they’ve truly moved on, and questioning how what you had could be real if it could be forgotten so quickly… I’m so happy to finally be releasing music again and can’t wait to continue sharing this new era of inspiration with everyone. – Kasbo

During the last few years of seclusion, Kasbo’s intrinsic passion for DJing was reawakened as a result of the circumstances that he was forced to endure. Despite the fact that he was primarily a performer in live settings, he was enthralled by the carefree fun of mixing records with friends into the early hours of the morning.

After that, he embarked on his very first official ‘Club Sets’ performance towards the tail end of 2022, in addition to putting out an exclusive DJ mix for Spotify. The epic collaboration “Blow The Roof Off,” which featured Louis The Child and EVAN GIIA and was released in 2022, marked the last release we saw from him before he came back with “The Way You Had Me.”