Nicky Romero
Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero Releases Underground Dancefloor Filler “Mahoya”

The second club-oriented track from Nicky Romero‘s upcoming “Nightvision” EP, “Mahoya,” packs an underground-like, global punch. It is also the main musical theme for Nicky Romero’s first-ever open-to-close solo show, which will take place on December 2nd at AFAS Live in Amsterdam.

The track’s Kenyan vocals, which create a hypnotizing tribal atmosphere, are the song’s initial hook. Romero then ups the ante by adding piano chords, which lead into a deep, undulating bassline and rhythmic synths. The song “Mahoya” is designed to be a crowd pleaser.

It features a powerful tempo and undetermined yet appealing vocal lines, and it is certain to light up the dance floors all around the world as well as during Nicky’s Nightvision event in December. Stay tuned for more tracks from the “Nightvision” EP which are going to be released shortly and for the namesake Nicky Romero’s upcoming event.

The new track follows the EP’s first single, which was released in July and was titled “Give In.”