PolyRhythm drops dreamy ‘Come Find Me’

The release includes remixes by Chris Leon and Scala and the outstanding vocal of Nuzu Deep


U.S.-based duo PolyRhythm presents their new single, Come Find Me a mix between relaxing and deep harmonies and organic and afro beats.

Featuring the outstanding vocal of Nuzu Deep, the tune starts slowly and mysteriously with a long cinematic theme. The clean beat rapidly kicks in introducing Nuzu Deep vocal. The mix between their native Latin culture and the chill and deep, almost melodic house style, makes Come Find Me an instant gem when it comes to deep house.

Come Find Me remixes by Chris Leon and Scala

Chris Leon gives a more minimal and almost techno spin to the tune. He adds serious rolling percussions and clean drums but keeping unaltered the incredible vocal. The top piano lines are fused together with organic and groovy percussions. The remix continues increasing its energy reaching the end as a packed percussive banger.

last but not least, Scala goes minimal and dark techno with very wet and effective sub and kicks. The “dirty” but amazingly-produced baseline, flows seamlessly to some kind of glitched synths and tribal drums. Everything is, once again, ut together thanks to Nuzu Deep’s vocals. The Scala remix includes a radio edit as well.

Producer/DJ combo PolyRhythm is made up of David Jonez and Val Carrique. At the age of 14, the duo began their musical journey by attending local parties and studying the art of music selection. Growing up in a Latin culture where drums and rhythms commonly intensified their musical influences. Up until they were 18 and stumbled into New York’s bustling underground club scene, the New Jersey-based duo primarily played mainstream Hip Hop and Salsa. At that point, they fell in love with House Music.

They used this discovery to inspire the creation of the “PolyRhythm” event, which gave them the chance to explore a variety of rhythms and sounds throughout New York City. The moniker stuck, and their fans started referring to them as the “PolyRhythm lads.” They evolved as music producers with innumerable releases throughout the years thanks to their diverse musical inspirations. They are currently starting a new venture under their own label, PolyRhythm Music.