Teho and Makoto San team up for ‘Hanten’

A Fusion of Electronic Beats and Traditional Japanese Instruments

Makoto San
Makoto San

Teho and Makoto San are two musicians whose paths converged in Paris and led to the creation of their mesmerizing single, “Hanten.”

The story behind Teho and Makoto San’s latest song on Labo T

Teho, a French producer known for his atmospheric and melodic techno, had been in touch with Makoto San for a while, but their collaboration truly took off during a shared performance in Paris. That night, Teho was captivated by Makoto San’s unique instrumentation, featuring a vast collection of traditional Japanese instruments, primarily bamboo percussion, and their mastery of these instruments. Inspired by the experience, they decided to embark on a collaborative project.

Teho sent Makoto San a draft project, and the Japanese musician seamlessly integrated his Bamboos, Anklungs, and Gendèr into the track. These traditional instruments added layers of depth and complexity, creating a soundscape that is both familiar and otherworldly. Makoto San’s masterful use of these instruments transformed Teho’s electronic foundation into a sonic journey that transcends cultural boundaries.

“Hanten” seamlessly blends Teho’s electronic sensibilities with Makoto San’s traditional Japanese instrumentation. It creates an atmospheric and grandiose soundscape that is both captivating and thought-provoking. The track opens with a gentle melody, gradually building tension until it explodes into a powerful crescendo of shimmering synthesis and floor-shaking drums.

Teho & Makoto San - Hanten (Live at Makoto San Factory)

The meaning of the song

The title, “Hanten,” has a dual meaning. In Japanese, it refers to the “transformation” of traditional instruments into the realm of electronic music. It also signifies the “transformation” of the listener’s consciousness as they are immersed in the track’s immersive soundscape.

Hanten” is a stunning example of how traditional and electronic music can blend seamlessly, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new. It is a must-listen for fans of both genres and a testament to the power of collaboration to break down barriers and create something truly special.