Teho remixes Fejká’s ‘Recover’

The track will be part of Fejká’s new album, Hiraeth Remixes - out on 6th October 2023 via Ki Records


Teho has established himself as a renowned player in the electronic music scene and a force to be reckoned. He’s known for adding vigor and punch into dreamy soundworlds, and with his remix of Recover, he accomplishes just that.

While Fejká‘s original track’s arrangements and tinkling soundscapes continue to inform the remix’s melody and identity, Teho‘s new layer of percussion and synths guides it to a steamy dance floor.

So much energy has been added in the ways Teho’s mixed and replaced some layers. I’m very happy with this more energetic and uplifting version of Recover – Fejká

The Welsh term ‘Hiraeth‘ has no clear English translation. It tries to depict the feeling of missing something that is permanently gone… a sensation deeper and more intricate than the ability to communicate.

Where words fail, music and art can provide an alternative kind of comprehension and an all-encompassing sense of clarity.

The German musician Fejká has grown most accomplished in these areas, where words fail to explain the inexplicable, creating music that expresses the indescribable.

Fejká’s sound has become recognized for crossing the line between melancholy and exhilaration, resulting in a unique portrayal of feelings rarely heard on the dancefloor.

Nowhere is this aptitude more clear than on his last album, aptly named ‘Hiraeth‘.

The record continues to reveal new meanings and musical translations even a year after its debut.

Hiraeth Remixes” is a collection of nine remixes of Fejká’s original tunes by fellow musicians and friends.

Since his debut on the scene at the age of 17, German producer Fejká has captivated listeners with an unrivaled ability to sit comfortably at the intersection of expression and introspection. Where night and day, dreaming and dancing, quick and slow might naturally diverge, he is able to delicately balance them, generating sounds that are both delightfully ethereal and thrillingly vibrant.