Zulhou drops RÜFÜS DU SOL-inspired single ‘Beat As One’

Zulhou's 'Beat As One' is A Harmonic Odyssey through Melodic House and Progressive Bliss


German duo Zulhou releases new melodic-house single ‘Beat As One.’ You may hear RÜFÜS DU SOL vibes on it.

Oliver and Michael make up the German musical duo Zulhou. They create, sing, and produce all of their own music. Their music has been described as melodic, tech, dark, and indie, and we can confirm.

Zulhou’s latest single, “Beat As One,” is a captivating journey through the realms of melodic house and progressive vibes. The track seamlessly weaves together soft and cinematic melodies that resonate with both emotion and energy.

The song begins with a tranquil and ethereal percussive rhythm, setting the stage for Zulhou’s vocals to take center stage.

Their voice adds a personal and emotive touch to the track, immediately engaging the listener.

As the song progresses, it rapidly transitions into the first drop. Here the main percussive rhythm evolves. It includes elongated synths, hypnotic harmonies, and traces of trance-inspired lines.

The breakdown serves as a moment of pure joy, characterized by melodic synth-driven vibes that sweep the listener into a dreamlike state.

This segment creates a harmonious atmosphere, building anticipation for the energetic final part.

In this concluding section, the track reaches its peak, with intensified beats, heightened energy, and a fusion of various elements introduced throughout the song.

Beat As One” showcases Zulhou’s ability to craft a dynamic and evocative electronic music experience. It combines elements of melodic house, progressive vibes, and trance-inspired sounds.

The result is a song that not only resonates with the influences of established artists but also stands out as a unique and compelling expression of Zulhou’s musical artistry.