Visual for "Simulation" by Anyma and Chris Avantgarde part of Afterlife Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI
Visual for "Simulation" by Anyma and Chris Avantgarde part of Afterlife Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI

Afterlife drops Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI

Tale Of Us' record label presents the sixth installment of its iconic various artists compilation, Realm Of Consciousness

The much-anticipated sixth installment of Afterlife‘s iconic various artists compilation, “Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI,” has finally emerged. It promises a transformative journey through the depths of musical exploration.

Let’s delve into the essence of this groundbreaking release and explore how it continues to define the Afterlife experience.

If you’re interested in the previous edition,  Realm Of Consciousness compilations are available here.

Transcending Boundaries with Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI

Afterlife’s commitment to innovation and community-building takes center stage with each new release and Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI is no exception.

At its core, “Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI” remains rooted in eclecticism, skillfully navigating the intricate tapestry of human emotion through a diverse array of sonic expressions.

The tracklist, carefully curated by Tale Of Us, promises a mesmerizing journey that transcends conventional boundaries.

From the melancholic tones of Marino Canal‘s “Independence” to the pulsating energy of CamelPhat and Innellea‘s “Desert Sun,” the compilation invites listeners to embark on an emotional odyssey, with each track offering a unique portal to another dimension.

The compilation boasts an impressive lineup of artists, each contributing their distinctive voice to the Afterlife narrative.

The first disc features standout tracks like “Simulation” by Anyma and Chris Avantgarde, a futuristic exploration of soundscapes, and the ethereal “A World Beyond” by Massano, which invites us to ponder the mysteries of the universe.

Anyma & Chris Avantgarde - Simulation [Live from Afterlife Los Angeles]

Meanwhile, the second disc introduces captivating compositions such as “Activated” by Binaryh, a sonic voyage that propels the listener into a realm of heightened sensory experiences, and “The Dreamers” by Hunter/Game, Øostil, Olympe featuring Luvi, a cinematic masterpiece that unfolds like a vivid dream.

A Glimpse into the Future

Afterlife’s “Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI” not only celebrates Afterlife’s present but also offers a glimpse into the future of electronic music.

The compilation’s ability to seamlessly weave together different sub-genres and styles reflects the label’s forward-thinking approach. As we explore the intricate melodies of tracks like “Here’s The Fear” by Henri Bergmann and Wennink or the pulsating beats of ANNA‘s “Outside Time,” it becomes clear that Afterlife is not merely a label; it’s a visionary force propelling electronic music into uncharted territories.

But, what’s the Realm Of Consciousness?

Realm Of Consciousness” is a transformative compilation series curated and released by Afterlife, the record label founded by the electronic music duo Tale Of Us. The compilation serves as an annual exploration of the label’s sonic identity. It brings together a diverse array of artists who align with the distinctive musical concept championed by Tale Of Us.

Launched in 2016 as the inaugural release from Afterlife, the compilation series has since become a hallmark of the label’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. It acts as a platform to showcase the work of both established and emerging artists who share a common artistic vision with Tale Of Us. It creates a cohesive narrative that defines the Afterlife experience.

The result is a collection of tracks that collectively transport listeners into a realm where consciousness and sound seamlessly intertwine.

The compilation series has played a crucial role in shaping Afterlife’s identity and contributing to the broader landscape of electronic music.

Each installment of “Realm Of Consciousness” becomes a sonic journey, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the evolving soundscape crafted by the visionaries at Afterlife.

The first-ever Realm Of Consciousness featured 10 exclusive records. Since then it has evolved with Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI features a staggering number of 29 songs.

Afterlife’s Next Events

Tale Of Us imprint, Afterlife will return to its Mexican home, in Tulum. For two days Afterlife’s artists will take the stage at Zamna Tulum for an incredible showcase of the label’s present and future sounds.