Holly North presents ‘You’ via Ki Records

Holly North
Holly North

You‘ has a fast-paced, upbeat rhythm that makes you want to dance right away. It features Holly North‘s own soft vocals that blend perfectly with the electronic beat on top. It lets his skilled production take center stage.

The second song from Holly North’s new album “NO CITY NO SEA” is out now: “You.” He previously released Ocellus.

Holly North became well-known through a series of successful releases, such as his 2021 single “Youth,” which got over a million streams on Spotify alone, before joining Christian Loffler‘s Ki Records this year. When he makes music, his motto is simple: “Always different and always new!” This way of thinking balances exciting new ideas with just the right amount of calm. Holly North loves to use his wide range of musical influences when he mixes acoustic and computer sounds to make deeply melodic sounds.

Holly North has put together and organized her thoughts into “ambiguous melodic reminiscences of almost forgotten notes” on his new album, NO CITY NO SEA. (“Like in an allegory”) Each piece tells a simple story to show an important idea in a more profound way.

The tune could be played in a club or festival, a Bluetooth speaker on the beach, or from ill-fitting headphones during the tiring commute to work – hopefully the music adapts to the situation and maybe even influences the situation

Each track shows a different side of his skill and is meant to be a part of an interesting audio project.

What you are hearing is a journey of colours, an allegory of thoughts and feelings that were always too hard to tell and too easy to forget

Holly North’s album “NO CITY NO SEA” embodies an allegory of emotions, expressed through vibrant melodies and electronic beats. Each track unveils a different facet of his musical journey, offering an immersive experience that resonates with profound yet almost forgotten notes.