Anané’s ‘Take A Ride’ EP: Genre-Defying Musical Journey and Artistic Vision

Anané by Jordi Cervera |

Anané’s “Take A Ride” EP is a genre-defying journey featuring Punk Disco, Jazz Funk, and Italo-Disco. With Two Soul Fusion’s production and Anané’s dreamy vocals, it blends diverse influences, creating a timeless, experimental, and personally profound musical expression.

Anané is the boss of the Nulu Music label and a singer, DJ, and artistic genius. On January 12, 2024, Nervous Records will be the only place to get her highly anticipated “Take A Ride” EP.

Anané’s Musical Exploration and Fusion

Two Soul Fusion, whose real names are Louie Vega and Josh Milan, produced the mini-album.

It has six songs, all of which have live string arrangements by the Apple Hill String Quartet, which was led by Leroy Burgess.

The album starts with the smooth sounds of Punk Disco (Let Me Be Your Fantasy, High, and Anané’s Punk Disco Demo) and moves on to the swirling eddies of Jazz Funk (Coffy Is The Color).

It then climbs back up to the smooth sounds of Italo-Disco (Tutto Previsto) and Anane’s Punk Disco Demo.

The dreamy, sultry vocals of Anané, who made the EP, hold it all together. She sees her lead line as an important part of the musical whole.

I am art. I am the music as well as the singer. It means for me to crawl into the unseen parts of my own thoughts and turn into the beast of my vision, singing to the world as I go. – Anané

Take A Ride” EP

Let Me Be Your Fantasy and High, the two first hits, both draw from the heart of classic punk disco. It was when rock, punk, and disco came together in the early 1980s to make the iconic NYC sound. Both songs are built around chugging bass lines and stormy high hats.

On Let Me Be Your Dream Vega and Milan use a crazy mix of tumbling and soaring string sections that dance on top of rivers of percussion and bass. Anané’s voice floated easily on top of it all.

In a similar way, High starts with Anané pulling the listener into the dance from the moment the needle drops. The chugging bassline catches her wind as the song starts to pick up speed.

In both songs, it’s all about the movement. There’s an exciting, heady sense of energy and beat that grows with each song as they settle into their natural groove.

From disco to the free-flowing world of jazz-funk

With the single “Coffy Is The Color,” Anané takes us from disco to the free-flowing world of jazz-funk.

The nine-minute length of this piece makes it an indulgent classic. The song is a carefully controlled riot that builds in energy and speed from bar to bar.

Anané’s voice is the only thing that stays the same in the experiment.

Different instruments tumble, dive, rise, and swirl around her, adding volume and energy.

All of this until the listener feels like they are swimming in whirling electronic and acoustic waters.

Back to Italian disco

The Italian disco song “Tutto Previsto” is sensual and languid. It sounds like it’s slinking out of the speakers and across the patio.

The single is a tribute to Anané’s love of Italy; it sounds like the slow, lazy summer in the Mediterranean.

The song’s base is made up of slow basslines and sliding guitars that sound almost Cajun. On top of that, strings shine and dance.

Between them is Anané’s low, rumbling voice, which sounds almost like a cat.

A tribute to the original production

The EP goes back to disco with Michael Gray’s Dub Mix of “Get On The Funk Train.” Chunky, squelching rhythms rub up against organs that waver, insistent percussion, and strings that shine.

It pays tribute to the original production by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte and shows how timeless the genre is. Anané’s most recent work adds to this heritage.

An experimental Punk Disco instrumental version of Anané’s Disco Punk Demo is the last track on the EP.

A Latin guitar strums with delicate changes over a landscape of high hats and barely-there bass that never ends. The perfect, whispering track at the end of the EP ends it on a timeless, airy, otherworldly note.

Anané’s Artistic Vision

Take A Ride is a usual risky release from Anané, who has made her own way as a musician, writer, singer, DJ, and label boss for her whole career.

My role as an artist has a higher purpose,” she explains, “not only my own personal expression but inspiring, creating, and possibly moulding the world around me. Understanding this sense of power. That I have within comes with great responsibility and understanding that my music will always be more than what I could ever imagine.