PARIS returns with “Only You” on This Never Happened feat. Keepa

PARIS while playing in a club
PARIS while playing in a club

PARIS’ latest single, “Only You,” featuring Keepa, delves into the poignant realm of long-distance love. Through emotive melodies and Keepa’s enchanting vocals, the track vividly captures the yearning and connection experienced by separated lovers, creating an immersive sonic journey.

PARIS most recent song, “Only You,” is out on the well-known label This Never Happened. The song shows how well she can create soundscapes that are both immersive and deeply moving for listeners. Keepa (Oliver Dibley) sings on this track.

Only You delivers a Tale of Distance and Connection

Only You” is a sound exploration of the emotional world that people who live far apart experience. The song does a great job of capturing the feeling of love and bond between two people, even when they are far apart. PARIS cleverly weaves together complicated beats and melodies. She makes a musical tapestry that shows how complicated love is today.

Additionally, Keepa’s hauntingly beautiful singing adds another level of depth to “Only You.”

Oliver Dibley, aka Keepa, started the project in 2022. His first song, “You Forget,” quickly became a hit, with over 270,000 plays on Spotify. Keepa’s vocals on PARIS’s newest song make it more emotional. It makes “Only You” an interesting and immersive experience.

Truth and connection are at the heart of This Never Happened

PARIS released music out music on labels like Upon Access, Gallery, and Stil Vor Talent.

She then found a good home on This Never Happened. PARIS has already made her mark on This Never Happened with the song Collide.” It has been played over 2 million times on Spotify alone.

The success of “Collide” shows how big “Only You” could be.

This makes PARIS an even more interesting artist to watch in the electronic music scene.

“Only You” makes you think of a world where love doesn’t depend on being close or far away.

The song makes a soundscape where people can share private times, even if they live far apart.

Because of its beautiful melodies and moving words, “Only You” talks about how everyone longs for a loved one and how music can bring people together.

A Beautiful Ode to Love That Is Far Away: PARIS Only You

With “Only You,” PARIS has written a lovely song about how complicated love is in the digital age. Together with Keepa, the two have created a musical masterpiece that delves into the depths of connection and feeling.