AVANT / GARDE present Waveless EP

AVANT / GARDE is the next generation record label. We release and share our music with a different approach.

Such quotes the description on their Facebook page and actually does not mind. AVANT / GARDE has always sought to be different, for the better of course, and this is the case.

Today they have release the new EP, called Waveless, on the label by the talented duo Rebel Army.

We like to describe this EP more as a journey through emotions and sounds than a collection of songs. The EP consists of 3 tracks plus a bonus track, truly able to penetrate your soul and take you away with it.


The EP comes up with some surreal images of the artist Tim Shaw who describes his work:” For this particular project, the image is focused on a central character bathing in light from above. This is you, the listener of the music in your surreal inner world, and the light is Rebel Army’s music coming to you from a place beyond your control ”

We leave you below the link for listening and downloading