ISOLATE's fifth-anniversary grand finale
ISOLATE's fifth-anniversary grand finale

ISOLATE Five Years Anniversary Compilation

ISOLATE celebrates its fifth anniversary with a loud party for creation. “We’ve reached this important point after five years of great music, unforgettable events, and unfailing support from the community“, ISOLATE said.

ISOLATE thinks back on this wonderful journey and is thankful for the amazing skills of its artists, the unwavering support of its community, and the hard work of its team. After building up the excitement earlier in the year, the renowned Turkish label is now happy to present the grand finale: a remix compilation that gives some of its most beloved tracks a new lease on life.

This compilation isn’t just a look back; it’s a heartfelt journey through ISOLATE’s past. It includes remixes from Aera, Argia, Auggië, Colossio, DJ Counselling, EdOne, Gunce Aci, Hardt Antoine, John Falke, Tom Peters, and Upercent. The compilation remix is a tribute to the complex mix of feelings and relationships that are deeply rooted in their musical community. It includes changes to melodies and new readings of rhythms.

ISOLATE has a future filled with the unique voices of people who haven’t been found yet. Stay interested, follow the beat, and join the party with ISOLATE.

ISOLATE 5 Years Anniversary Tracklist

  1. Sahar – Soul Work – Aera Remix
  2. Mironas – Get Movin – Tom Peters Remix
  3. Clavis – Art of Duplicity – DJ Counselling Remix
  4. Aldebaran – Volo Onirico – Colossio Remix
  5. Alican – Floridiana – Gunce Aci Remix
  6. Alican – Stronger – EdOne Remix
  7. Sahar – Different Days – Hardt Antoine Remix
  8. Ivory – Hyper – Upercent Remix
  9. Imeïa – Aleph Mim Iane – Auggië Remix
  10. Mironas – Adam – Argia Remix
  11. Presia – To Love – John Falke Remix

ISOLATE’s fifth-anniversary grand finale is a remix compilation featuring tracks by Aera, Argia, Auggië, and more, breathing new life into beloved favorites. It’s a heartfelt tribute to their musical journey, promising a fresh perspective on their vibrant community’s beats and rhythms.